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Celebrating New Year’s Eve Around the World

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50 New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World

Tonight people all over the world will be celebrating New Year’s Eve and bringing in the new year in a variety of unique traditions, foods and celebrations. In New York City celebrants count down the minutes until the crystal ball is dropped, while in Atlanta they do the same yet with a peach. Meanwhile, in England, Londoners greet the new year under the sparkling glitter of thousands of fireworks over the Thames. In Sweden dishes are broken over friend’s doors for good luck, and in Italy old things are thrown away through the windows of houses in order to rid themselves of last year’s worries and troubles.

The infographic below shares the many ways people from around the world bring in and celebrate the New Year. 

New Year's Eve celebrations around the world inforgraphic

 Infographic by: packsend
How do you plan on welcoming the new year where you live?
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