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Combat Bugs with New Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips! FLASH Giveaway!

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With the warmer weather comes beautiful sunny days, warm temperatures, new life, blooming flowers, Springtime rains and, unfortunately BUGS!  Yes, bugs, those multi-legged, creepy, crawly insects that you just do not want inside your home.

Living in an apartment, it doesn’t seem to matter how clean I keep our home or how often they come to spray, we always get nasty roaches, especially in the kitchen.  I cannot stand having those little pests around where I keep and prepare my food, so when I was given the opportunity to review the new Combat Killing Bait Strips, I quickly choose the ones for roach control!

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Combat is known to be one of the best ways to get rid of roaches and other insects since their products attack the source of the problem, the nest or colony, instead of just killing the ones that you see.  Both the Roach Killing Bait Strips and Ant Killing Bait Strips have the same killing power of Combat Gels in a new discreet, easy-to-apply design that leaves no mess.

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Each bait strip contains a unique gel formula made of food and water combined with a powerful, fast-acting insecticide that the roaches find and eat.  They also carry the bait back to their nest or colony where the other insects are exposed and killed, effectively eliminating the problem.

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The bait strips are very easy to apply, you simply separate the strips (10 strips come in each box), peel off the sticky backing and put them where you have seen the roaches.

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Then you peel off the cover over the bait, and you are done!  Make sure you wipe down the surface of where you want them to stick so they adhere better.

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In the kitchen, I put mine on the underside frame of the cabinets, under the sink, behind the refrigerator and inside the pantry (away from the food).  Then I added a few more in the bathroom, again under the frame of the cabinets and behind the toilet.  Since I had a few left, and it is recommended you put all of the strips out, I also put one outside both the front door and the porch door, under the frames where they cannot be seen.  It took maybe ten minutes to put them all out, and I didn’t have to worry about any spray residue or traps being left around for my cat to get into.  Nor was there any hint of that chemical smell you get with spray-able liquid insecticides.

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Since putting the strips out about a week ago, I have seen only one (1) roach, and that was the day after I put them out, so I can tell it is working!  I really like that they were simple to use, didn’t leave any unsafe residue or mess and you cannot even see they are there!  If I had to make one suggestion for improvement, I would ask that they make the adhesive part stronger and larger so they hold better.  I had to hold mine for a few seconds each to get them to stay, and even then, I had one that kept falling off until I finally added a small strip of double-sided tape to it.  Aside from that, the bait strips are handy, discreet and very effective!


Combat Killing Bait Strips for roach control and ant control can be found at most major retailers including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Dollar General. Publix and more.  You can also purchase them online.





Purex sent me a free sample in exchange for a review. Regardless, all opinions are my own!

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Friday 3rd of July 2015

It works for me it get the bug dead and I really like it pls let me have some I been using them for a long time and now I got little ones and I don't like bugs

Budget Earth

Saturday 4th of May 2013

I hate bugs! WE just finally got rid of our stupid ants!

Journeysof TheZoo

Friday 3rd of May 2013

We live out in the country so we have tons of unwelcome visitors like ladybugs, wasps ants and mice. I'll have to check this product out.

Besos, Sarah Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo Finding Humour in Everyday Life journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Sheila Worthington

Friday 3rd of May 2013

This is very useful for the summer. when the heat starts to bother this insects will also start to come out. I haven't seen insects other than wasp. thanks for sharing


Friday 3rd of May 2013

We live by a swamp lol (Florida) so we have all sorts if crawly things to combat.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.