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Comparing Technology Screens from Past to Present

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Over the last decade technology screens have become far more sophisticated. The image quality of technology screens have seen vast improvement, furthermore screens are not only getting bigger and bigger but also smaller and smaller. It’s not only that though, the way we interact with technology has also changed due to technological advancements such as touchscreen. Take a look at the differences in technology screens from past to present.

Comparing Technology Screens from Past to Present main imageImage via Pixabay

One of the most obvious improvements in the past decade has been with regard to the resolution of technology screens. This isn’t just on televisions, but across the board, with smartphones and computers also seeing huge improvements. One knock on effect of this is that we are now able to enjoy larger screens, with figures showing that televisions have doubled in size over the last ten years. In 2014, Apple begun to market products with ‘Retina Display’, a resolution so high that any pixilation can’t be perceived by the human eye.

When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007 they changed everything, and not just in the mobile phone market. One of the many great features of the device was that it was completely touchscreen. This has gone on to become such a selling point that not only is it the industry standard for all smartphones, but also many laptops have gone on to adopt the technology. With the average household owning 5 screens each the tablet market, dominated by Apple and Samsung, has gone from strength to strength largely based on the usability of touchscreen. Furthermore, it is now conventional for smartphones and tablets to have multi-touch, a technology that allows the screen to recognise more than one point of contact with the surface.

The degree to which technology screens have advanced over the past decade has led to a massive change in which we use the technology. It’s now commonplace to find yourself watching a video on you mobile phone and making a phone call on your laptop, albeit a video one. As technology has advanced it has become more holistic, meaning sharing via devices has become far easier. Some screens can even influence other screens, allowing different platforms to interact in real-time. Sheav is a website that allows users to pour virtual pints using their phone, while the computer screen displays the result.

There’s no question that the incredible advancements made technology screen have completely transformed the way in which we live our lives, both at home and in the office. Image resolutions have consistently improved and this shows no signs of slowing down, so as a result we can expect screens to get bigger and bigger and bigger. Touchscreen technology also looks set to continue its evolution, 3D Touch recognising not only the point of contact, but the force too. Perhaps the most exciting prospect though is the way different will evolve to connect with one another even further, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for how we will interact with one another in the future.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.