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How to Create the Perfect Home Bathroom

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Creating Your Perfect Home Bathroom

The bathroom is often the smallest room in your house, but it still needs plenty of thought when you are looking to re-model. Here are some handy hints and tips for creating your perfect home bathroom.

How to Create the Perfect Home Bathroom think about colorImage via Pixabay

Think about Color

It may sound obvious, but the home bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, so color plays a big part in its overall look. Dark colors will always make a room look smaller, whereas blues and greens can tend to make it feel cold. One way to consider your color choices is to imagine yourself relaxing in the tub. What colors would you like to see around you? You can carry out paint tests and choose the perfect palette before committing to a scheme, and this way, you can avoid expensive mistakes. Color doesn’t stop at the walls and floors so consider the whole decoration package. You want the finished look to flow around the room.

Consider the Fittings

There is one rule here, and that is to buy the best you can afford, as you will be unlikely to be changing them in the near future. It pays to look around as the choice is huge, and not all will fit with your plans.

Make sure that the fittings that you choose are going to fit into the space available without looking overbearing. You may want that huge spa tub or the double walk-in shower cubicle, but will it look okay in position? A top tip here is to draw out your floor space and fittings to scale and use it as a template to position the elements you want to include. It will give you a clue on how much floor space you will have left.

Many bathroom design outlets also have software than can input these details, so you can see a three-dimensional picture of your room before committing to a purchase. There are also a number of regulations that must be followed so check that your design fits within these needs.

Brighten up your Lights

How to Create the Perfect Home Bathroom think about lightsImage via Pixabay

Lighting can make or break a room, particularly if it is small, so pay particular attention to light placement. Wall and floor lights can help to eliminate shadows, whereas your ceiling lighting will provide the main illumination. You must consider the room’s use, and a bathroom is where you wash and shave, so good lighting is essential. Again, they are important regulations to be followed when adding any electrical points or lights and if you are not confident, or are in any way unsure, it pays to contact a professional for advice.

There are many factors that will guide you in creating the perfect bathroom, but if you follow the basics and ensure that you adhere to the regulations, designing and building your room will be a pleasure. If you are unsure about any aspects of the build then it pays to seek professional assistance, but above all, enjoy your new home bathroom!

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Monday 22nd of May 2017

Woo, wonderful! I also have the same idea on home decor.

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