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A Guide to Circumcising Children – What You Should Consider

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Having a child circumcised can be a worrying time for a parent, but regardless of whether you are doing it for personal, religious or health needs, it’s reassuring to know that the procedure is fairly common. In addition, it’s rather easy to find a doctor who specializes in this particularly sensitive operation. However, it’s absolutely vital to look into the reputation, history, qualifications and experience of a doctor before deciding who to use. This guide to circumsizing children can help you gain some insight into what you should look for before scheduling the procedure.

A Guide to Circumcising Children mainImage via Pixabay

What Age is a Safe Age?

Search for a doctor who will not operate on a child under the age of six months, as this shows that they know what they are doing. Why? Because infants who are younger than six months should not be put under a general anaesthetic. In addition, an operation like this should always be done in a carefully controlled environment. To find a doctor who specialises in circumcision, simply do an online search into their background to find someone with good credentials.

Routine Procedure

Circumcising a young boy is a fairly routine procedure, so parents needn’t worry too much about organizing such an operation, as long as it is done by a professional with lots of experience.

Here are a few things to research before choosing a doctor:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Qualifications
  • Cost
  • Location

It is a good idea to look into things such as recovery times and post procedure care. Some parents will choose to travel far away to get their son circumcised, as there are not so many clinics that will do the operation under a general anaesthetic, despite this being the safest option.

Pediatric Surgeon

Any good pediatric surgeon who specializes in circumcision procedures will be able to take parents through every part of the procedure and work with them to help to keep worry and concerns to a minimum. The surgeon should have lots of experience and be fully qualified, as well as happy to provide parents with any relevant information pertaining to the operation, in order to ensure everyone involved feels at ease.

Below are a few fast facts about the procedure:

  • Ideally it should be done under a general anaesthetic
  • Parents should wait for their child to be at least six months old before doing the procedure
  • Some research is always required when looking for a pediatric surgeon who specialises in circumcising children to find someone reliable and experienced
  • It is considered to be a routine operation

Millions of infants are circumcised around the world every year proving just how routine this operation is, but it is still important that parents conduct some research into the surgeon’s background before booking their son in for his circumcision.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.