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DIY Baby Onesies Decorating Party – Creative Baby Shower Idea

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Planning a baby shower that stands out and creates lasting memories? Why not host a DIY onesies decorating baby shower! This creative twist on a traditional celebration not only brings friends and family together but also allows everyone to contribute to the baby’s wardrobe in a unique and personal way.

A baby crawling on the fllor wearing a onesie that was made at a DIY baby onesies decorating shower

As new moms quickly discover, infants need to be changed often. This makes onesies the perfect garment for little ones due to their practical snap crotches. It also makes them a fabulous baby shower gift.

Below are some tips for throwing your own creative and fun DIY baby onesies decorating baby showers. Little ones will look adorable in these unique DIY onesies, so don’t forget to snap some pics like you would with other special occasions!

Onesies as the Perfect Canvas

Blank baby onesies serve as the perfect canvas for this imaginative event. Whether you choose to embroider it with the baby’s name or a cute design, the possibilities are endless.

Since everyone has their own unique ideas for decorating, the baby will have a great collection of unique and fun onesies that were made with love by the parent’s family and friends.

Even better, since blank onesies can be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices, it’s an affordable way to get a good supply of different sizes. That way, there are plenty of onesies so as the baby grows out of one size, the next ones are ready and waiting.

Setting Up Crafting Stations

Transform your shower venue into a crafting haven by setting up crafting stations. To get started, make sure you include several different sizes of onesies, since infants outgrow garments fairly quickly. You will also want to supply several pieces of cardboard. suggests cutting the cardboard in a rectangular shape so it fits inside the onesie, giving people a firm surface to work on.

Laying out some reference materials, such as magazines or a book of nursery rhymes can serve as inspiration. Encourage guests to let their creativity flow as they design adorable outfits for the little one.

DIY Baby Onesies with ribbons on the shoulders

Crafting Table Supplies

When setting up your crafting stations for the DIY baby onesies decorating shower, be sure to provide a variety of crafting supplies like rubber stamps, ink pads, scissors, fabric glue, fabric paints, and more. Other items you might like to include are markers, yarn, embroidery floss, thread, needles, and stencils.

If you have a Cricut, heat press, or other similar machines, give guests access so they can use it to create designs to add to their onesies. Be sure to lay out several colors of the correct type of vinyl, as well as tools for weeding and transferring the design.

Crafting Tips: Safety First, Creativity Unleashed

While you want to encourage creativity with a large selection of decorating materials, just remember to prioritize safety, especially since the garments are meant for a little one. Avoid small, hard, detachable items like buttons. If needed, provide ample guidance to ensure that the finished products are both visually appealing and baby-friendly.

Butterflies like this pink one are a popular choice for embroidering on DIY baby onesies

Themes add a fun element to the DIY baby onesies decorating experience. Animals, lines from beloved nursery rhymes, and celestial symbols like the sun, moon, and stars are perennial favorites. Geometric patterns such as polka dots or stripes can add a playful touch to the designs.

Encouraging your guests to consider these themes and others will result in a delightful array of uniquely decorated onesies.

Ask the new mom if she has any favorite slogans that she would like included. Plain white onesies work well for these projects, but colored onesies work well, too. For a really unique idea, you can even tie-dye a onesie. 

Conclusion: A Shower of Creativity and Love

A DIY baby onesies decorating shower is not just an event; it’s a celebration of creativity and love. By hosting this unique and engaging gathering, you’re not only preparing the baby’s wardrobe but also creating heartfelt moments and connections that will endure far beyond the baby shower.

So, gather your loved ones, set up the crafting stations, and let the shower of creativity and love begin, ensuring that the baby’s arrival is welcomed with personalized warmth and joy.

Photos courtesy Maegan Tintari via Flickr

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