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DIY Draft Stopper + Detect Drafts in Your Home with BlindSpotz Cold Sensors

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Did you know that one of the most common spots for drafts are under the doors that lead outside? Even the most tight-fitting doors can still let cold air in. This DIY Draft Stopper is a cute and affordable way to block that draft and keep the warm air inside where it belongs.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz.

This DIY Draft Stopper is a quick and easy way to keep warm air where it belongs - inside!

DIY Draft Stopper

Materials to Make a DIY Draft Stopper

  • 2 to 3 socks (depending on how long they are. I wound up using 2 mens socks I found on sale at Walmart)
  • quilt batting or polyester fiberfill
  • popcorn kernels (you could also use rice or even cat litter), I used two 4 lb bags
  • a small funnel or cup, to make adding the kernels easier
  • needle and thread OR fabric glue

DIY Draft Stopper materials

Instructions to Make a DIY Draft Stopper:

Starting with the popcorn kernels, alternate adding layers of the two materials to each sock. I used approximately 1 cup of kernels followed by a 2 big fistfuls of batting. There is no exact measuring here…you just want about a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture.

DIY Draft stopper add popcorn kernels to sock alternating with stuffer

Pack the sock all the way to the end, with the final layer being the stuffing. Then repeat with each sock.

DIY Draft stopper add stuffer alternating with popcorn kernels

Once the socks are filled, attach them to each other. I did this by tying off the open end of one sock…

DIY Draft stopper ties off open end of one sock

then inserting the open end of the second sock over the tied off end.

DIY Draft stopper insert tied off end into open end of second sock to attach them together

Once the sock sections are fitted snugly together, add a few hand sewn stitches (or use some fabric glue) to keep it all in place.

DIY Draft stopper sew or use fabric glue to secure

And that’s it! Your DIY draft stopper is finished!

Detect Drafts in Your Home with BlindSpotz

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste anywhere from 5% to 30% of your energy use!? That’s a lot of money going out the door (or window) over the course of a single winter. The house that my husband and I just bought was built back in 1963. Needless to say, there are definitely some areas that are colder than others.

Detect drafts the quick, easy and inexpensive way with BlindSpotz cold sensors

Unfortunately, the typical energy efficiency audit can cost anywhere from $300 up to $500! That is definitely not in our budget. And while my DIY Draft Stopper works well to block drafts from under doors, it doesn’t help other areas of the home.Luckily, I recently learned about a very simple, do-it-yourself way to detect areas in your home where warm air may be escaping: BlindSpotz.

What Are BlindSpotz

BlindSpotz are basically small, removable stickers that work as cold sensors to detect possible drafts and cold spots in your home. You simply stick them on your walls, floor and/or ceilings (no worries, they will not damage your paint) wherever you suspect there may be a draft, and after 48 hours you’ll be able to tell the temperature in that specific area. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to start making your home more energy efficient.

BlindSpotz in package helps when used with DIY Draft stopper

How BlindSpotz Work

First of all, it’s important to note that you should only use BlindSpotz when the temperature outside is below 32 degrees F. The idea is to place a BlindSpotz sensor where ever you feel a cold spot or suspect a draft. Some common spots include near window and door frames, in hallways, closets, and cabinets, next to electrical outlets, and near entrances to basements, attics and garages.

You can place them on the walls, on the ceilings and even on non-carpeted flooring. Do not place BlindSpotz sensors on windows, metal, or aluminum frames as these will give a false reading since the surface stays colder than the actual air itself.

Find drafts in your home with BlindSpotz by window, and block drafty doors with a diy draft stopper

Before you remove the sticker from its backing, use your finger to rub the circle until it becomes gray. This will create a neutral starting temperature and prepare the sensor to begin effectively tracking the temperatures. Once it is gray, simply peel the sensor from its backing and stick it to the wall.

Rub BlindSpotz sensor until grey then stick to wall part of DIY Draft stopper

Leave each BlindSpotz sensor in place for 48 hours. The sensors’ colorbars will become activated if they detect low temperatures. After 48 hours check the sensors to see what temperature they are showing. If you see any with three or four of the colored bars activated, you found a problem spot.

You can then take a photo of the sensors that measure 50 or 55 degrees and email it, along with a description of what the weather was like over the last 48 hours, to [email protected]. The company will then send you an email with various solutions to help keep that area warmer, as well as a coupon you can use at participating retailers and/or contractors.

My Experience with BlindSpotz

I placed ours in the hallway, by several windows, by each of our doors leading to the outside, and by the sliding glass door in our kitchen leading to the mudroom. Sure enough, after 48 hours I was easily able to find the trouble spots in our home. As you can see in the photo below – and just as I suspected – there is definitely a draft right by the front door, as well as one by the back door and by a few of our windows. Luckily, BlindSpotz sent me several great tips as well as a coupon for Ace Hardware!

BlindSpotz result by front door along with DIY draft stopper

Where to Find BlindSpotz

BlindSpotz are available through Eight (8) sticker sensors come in each pack, along with detailed directions, making BlindSpotz a very affordable way to detect drafts in your home! Want to try BlindSpotz for yourself? Enter the giveaway below!

BlindSpotz in package

BlindSpotz Giveaway


BlindSpotz cold sensor giveaway

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.