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Does Learning New Languages Improve Your Mental Health?

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We have all heard that staying active does more than help your body, it improves your mind, too. People go jogging, walking, biking, and join sports, dance, and yoga classes, in order to stay healthy. The trick is, they say, movement. Don’t let your mind feel stuck. So, can learning a new language also improve your mental health? Before you decide to become bilingual or maybe sign up for English tutoring Sydney, I’d like to enlighten you on how learning new languages can improve your mental health.

learning new languages also gives you the ability to say the word 'hello' in multiple languages, like those shown here.

It becomes your favorite distraction!

One way learning new languages improves your mental health is that it shifts your focus. As the saying goes, your problem is as big as your reactions. We tend to overthink problems. So learning a new language becomes a good distraction.

Studying a new language also can help keep you happy and calm. Who knows, with the passing time, it might even become your favorite way to relax.

Confidence Aplenty

Another benefit to learning new languages is that as you start getting better at the new language, you get a sense of accomplishment. This in turn boosts your confidence. In addition, your grammar, editing, and communication skills improve. It’s like a refill of positive energies.

Cognitive reserve? Check!

There are studies and emerging evidence that suggests studying new languages can also help prevent problems that are associated with memory loss, such as dementia. This is because it helps in maintaining your cognitive reserve and slows down the aging process of your mind. Your brain functions better. Your alertness and attentiveness see positive changes as well. Learning does promote growth, after all.

Say Yes to Better Scores.

Another benefit is that your concentration and listening skills are is said to improve. As a result, you’ll start scoring better in your tests, and you can actually feel the difference in your academic performance.

Hello Multitasking

Another interesting change when learning new languages is that you experience better multi-tasking! Yes, you read that correctly. Language learners are good multi-taskers because they’ve trained their minds to work hard and become sharper.

Emotional Benefit

There is also an emotional benefit to learning new languages. It is said that learning a new language makes you more sensitive towards people. It makes sense. When you speak a new language, you gain the ability to communicate with more people.

A new mindset.

Most importantly, learning new languages means a broader perspective! You can converse with new people, learn about their culture, and become a more open-minded individual. You’ll see how your creative side is enriched. You’ll see how your mindset changes. Moreover, your networking skills will also improve.

Learning new languages unlocks a whole new world for yourself.

Final Thoughts on Learning New Languages

Learning new languages is a creative solution that can help improve mental health. It gives you all kinds of benefits from academic to social, aging to emotional, and even improves your personality. Moreover, it opens up career opportunities and travel opportunities for you. It’s only a win-win situation!

So why hesitate? Sign up for that language course right away and shake hands with the all-new you!

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Hilaria Morris

Friday 1st of January 2021

Sounds like a good reason to learn a language. My oldest daughter is learning French and Chinese (I don't know exactly why she chose it) and she is 100% involved in the process. I hope it does have a positive effect on her mental health.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.