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Dog Trots Globe, To Paris & Provence

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It may be a dog-eat-dog world out there, but I know of one dog who enjoyed her French cuisine!  A 9-year-old Sheltie by the name of Chula, who went with her human companions on a trip to France and now wants to share the beautiful country from her point of view in a charming book, Dog Trots Globe, To Paris & Provence.

Follow Chula’s tour of France as she shares her journey from a dog’s point of view. From the bistros and markets to Les Alpilles  and the valleys and countryside of Provence Chula gets a true taste of French culture and cuisine.  Next, it’s to the bright lights and city life of Paris as she visits the Eiffel Tower, takes walks along the Seine and sees the works of art in Museums and all around the City of Lights.

At the fountain in Sault
Sheron Long’s translation of Chula’s barks into whimsical human-speak, and her husband Robert’s beautiful photographs document Chula’s travels in this fun and charming book.
In the Lavender fields by Sault

However, there is more that makes this book unique than it being written from a dog’s point of view!  Published by OIC Books, Dog Trots Globe is enhanced with video and audio as well! If you purchase an actual copy of the book, you can simply visit for more of Chula’s view of France! There you can find many extras such as videos and audio that going along with story, as well as games, activities, freebies and more for Dog Trots Globe.

And if you download the enhanced eBook version, all of the extras are already included.  It’s a truly unique experience that brings this book to life!

Having read the entire book, I loved the light-hearted text and the beautiful, colorful pictures that fill the pages, however I was even more impressed when I went to the OIC site and watched the videos and listened to the audio which compliment certain chapters in the book!  My favorite video was the nighttime shot of the Eiffel Tower and the sparkling lights that earned her the nickname The Sparkling Lady, truly beautiful!

At the market in St.-Remy

Although I have not yet been to France, I have taken many tours through books, but this was definitely one of the most unique tours yet!  Dog Trots Globe would make a wonderful addition to any book lovers’ collection.

It is available in three formats, hardcover, standard eBook and enhanced eBook.  You can purchase Dog Trots Globe in hardcover through the OIC website, and through Amazon and Google Play.

At the market in Uzes

The standard eBook version can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and the enhanced eBook with video and sound embedded is available through the Apple Bookstore.

Be sure to like Dog Trots Globe Facebook page where you can follow even more of Chula’s journey from her first trip to France, plus she is there again now and posting new photos daily!

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Susan Smoaks

Wednesday 14th of November 2012

No, I haven't been to France, but I am looking forward to it one day!susansmoaks at gmail dot com


Wednesday 14th of November 2012

I have not been to France yet, I want to see my familychristal couturier


Friday 9th of November 2012

I haven't been to France, but my dog--and I--have lived in Europe! I would love to see the Louvre and other museums. There's also a bridge I want to see. I can't remember what it's called, but my friend was there. It's covered in padlocks that lovers fasten to it and then throw the key in the river to secure their love. I ♥ that idea!

Thanks!h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Melinda Dunne

Thursday 8th of November 2012

I have been to France several times I don't have a favorite part but I love Versailles,the Eiffel Tower & Louvre.

Patricia Woolverton

Thursday 8th of November 2012

That is adorable. Great review of this book.

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