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Ear Tunnels – The Rising Trend

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Did someone say that our style tastes have changed? Indeed – they have! Have you witnessed the rising trend of ear tunnels? Today, increasing number of teenagers and youngsters are looking forward to a new trend in ear piercing. Though, there is still a lot of debate related to health factors associated with flesh tunnels and their later impact, teenagers do not wish to look back.

ear tunnels

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If you check out online collection of ear jewelry at, you will be flooded with many options of silicone flesh tunnels wholesale, some trendy wholesale silicone tunnels are designed just for the adventurous!

Youngsters want to look different – they wish to style differently, and they are doing just that! There are hundreds of styles and designs available when you are searching for silicone tunnels wholesale.

Online stores carry an extensive range of flesh tunnels, ear piercings, stretchers, ear plugs and more. These are available in a variety of sizes, so that you can make a selection as per the size of your piercing. So, no matter how big or small your piercing or tunnel is, you will definitely find a piece which you will love.

Today, flesh tunnel is the latest rock and roll fashion statement, which is simply being loved by girls and boys across the globe. Wholesale silicone flesh tunnels or silicone ear tunnels wholesale are witnessing a huge surge in demand, in spite of the risks involved in such piercings.

For flesh tunnels, the ear lobes get holes, through a cone shaped taper which is pierced and pushed a bit more every day, or in a few weeks so that the gap increases and the desired tunnel effect is achieved. This might be a bit painful for many, but many are not willing to compromise on the fashion statement.

Well, for those who are not much happy with this trend, it might help to know that ear plugs or the recent flesh tunnels, were a trend hundreds of years back too during Indus Valley Civilization and in several parts of Mexico and Egypt.

These ear tunnels were a popular part of Polynesian culture too, where ear holes were huge and often stretched past more than 1.5 cm. The earlobe never actually got back its original shape!

With the rising trend of ear tunnels, there is a huge demand for all associated jewelry too. Check online for wholesale silicone flesh tunnel and you will love the number of styles, shapes and sizes.

Making a bold statement, these wholesale silicone ear tunnels are completely safe for use, being made from best quality material. If you buy the right kind of wholesale silicone ear tunnels, you are assured of enjoying a stylish accessory, without any additional hassle of infection or pain.

However, last but not the least, ensure that your piercing is done with the help of experts and there is no compromise on your personal safety. It’s time to be trendy and fashionable – so just go ahead and enjoy the latest fashion trend of ear tunnels in your own way.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.