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Messy Kids? Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Clean

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All parents know that when you have energetic children in your home, accidents happen. Pens, chocolate, drinks and food spills seem to get everywhere. Sticky fingerprints appear in places you never thought possible. It can feel like your entire home is covered in stains that you just can’t get rid of. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent stains and damage to your home. I’ve been finding out a few of the best tips and easy ways to keep your home clean:

Messy Kids? Easy Ways To Keep Your Home CleanSofas
Although leather is a popular choice for many family homes that have children, when it’s not to your taste, or you have cats that like to scratch, you need a better solution. That’s where slipcovers come in. Slipcovers are often machine washable. This means you can launder them to get rid of stains and protect them from new ones. Slipcovers are also easy to remove, which means they are easy to replace, too! If you shop for slipcoversyou can find a full range of styles and colors to suit the season. 

Carpets are a nightmare to keep hygienic when you have pets and especially when you have children. Children and babies often lay down on the carpet, so you want them to be immaculately clean at all times. There are several ways to do this. One is to place a rug on top that you can machine wash. You could also have the carpets cleaned on a regular basis, although they may stay wet for a few hours. You can also steam clean most carpets to kill any surface germs.

Fingerprints on the walls drive me crazy! If you don’t use paper coverings, then you can buy paint that is safe to wipe down. Papering your walls can be expensive. Plus, if you have cats that scratch or kids that pick, it might not last too long either. If you love the idea of wallpaper, why not just paper a feature wall that has furniture by it? This prevents access to the wall, so you are less likely to incur any damage.

Open Fire
Kids have a way of getting all the soot and dust from a fireplace absolutely everywhere. Even though your fireplace may have a good guard around it, clearing it out can leave some dust in the air that eventually settles in reach of the kids! If you don’t rely on it during the winter, then have your heating system serviced instead. Keep the fire for your cozy evenings with your partner.

Boot Room
Of all the extension or building projects you could take on, building a boot room or wet utility room has to be the best. When the kids or pets have been out in the muddy yard, you can just hose off the boots and leave them to dry. The dog can be washed here, muddy hands can be washed here, and nasties that accumulate on shoes can be left here. It preserves all the floors, walls, and furniture of your home.  

Hopefully, some of these ideas can help keep your home clean and fresh. Having kids can be a messy business sometimes, but it’s all part of their youth. Keep your sanity with these easy ways to keep your home clean!

Do you have some cleaning tips you’d like to share? Leave them below!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.