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Everyday Sustainable Habits: 5 Ways to Reduce Waste

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If you want to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are some everyday sustainable habits that you can practice for a jumpstart on going green.

Based on the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the number of waste is increasing every year. In 2018, around 4.9 pounds of waste per person per day was generated.

Thus, if people will embrace a sustainable life little by little, the amount of waste may decrease in the years to come. This will also be incredibly beneficial for future generations.

the planet Earth nestled between two leaves to signify the importance of practicing everyday sustainable habits to protect the planet

Everyday Sustainable Habits at Home

There are tons of ways you can practice everyday sustainable habits at home. Here are some of the basic ways that you can try. Things that are so easy, you won’t even break a sweat. These are also good practices to teach and influence kids at home.

Avoid Single-Use Products

Avoiding single-use products is one of the best everyday sustainable habits you can do. Make use of refillable bottles in the kitchen and comfort rooms. There are available bottles for you dishwashing liquid, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

For your grains and pasta, you can also use refillable containers.

In line with this, bring your bottles and containers to environment-friendly shops that sell only organic products/refills.

There are also products for beauty and skincare that you can use a thousand times. For example, pick an alternative to single-use cotton pads, reusable eye masks, and cotton swabs. 

Save Energy

Saving energy may be the easiest everyday sustainable habit to do at home but sometimes, we tend to forget. For example, simply turn the lights off when you leave the room.

As you save energy and keep energy costs low, you also reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, you may also invest in solar panels if you have extra money.

If you are looking for a home, you should also consider getting one with lots of windows. With this, you will have more natural light so you won’t need the use of fluorescent lights in broad daylight.

Furthermore, avoid the use of a clothes dryer. If it is hot outside, take time to hang your clothes in the clothesline and let them air dry. 

If you are just staying at home, skip using the hairdryer after you take a shower. Just let it dry, naturally.

Recycle Food Waste

Recycling food waste is another impactful everyday sustainable habit you can do at home. Create compost in your garden for your food leftovers. In this way, you get to reduce the carbon footprint through the reduction of landfill waste. Plus, it is good for the soil as it may serve as natural fertilizers.

Another eco-friendly and money-saving tip is to regrow vegetables from food scraps. It is good that you have compost so why not plant some vegetable scraps to have more fresh veggies later on?

Everyday Sustainable Habits at Work

Even at work, there are still everyday sustainable habits you can do in order to be more eco-friendly. If you are already doing these but not religiously, perhaps it is time for you to put more effort into it.

Pack your Lunch

The first everyday sustainable habit to try is to take your lunch to work with you. Prepare your food with your utensils and an eco-friendly lunch box. Of course, take-outs and deliveries are easy most especially when you are busy at work.

Too tired to pack your meal? At least try for at least twice a week as a start. With this, you can save money, get healthier, and save the environment from unnecessary plastic waste from restaurant packaging.

But, if there are environment-friendly restaurants near your office, go get some food and support their cause.

You may also get thirsty on your way to the office. If you have your water bottle with you, you do not have to drop by the nearest store for bottled water.

Concerning this, you may also be the type of person who gets sleepy from time to time, facing the computer. And so, aside from using a refillable water bottle in the office, consider bringing a reusable coffee cup. Bring this with you when you go to your favorite coffee shop as well.

Reduce Paper Use

Even if paper is easily recycled, too much paper waste is still not good for the environment. Even from the start of the manufacturing process wherein trees are cut down to produce paper, we are already hurting Mother Nature.

One way to prevent this and start a new everyday sustainable habit in the office, is to save all the one-side use paper and use the other side for printing other documents if possible. If you only want to take down notes or meeting minutes, use your computer notepad or other applications as alternatives.

Also, always proofread before printing your work. This is to avoid reprinting which can lead to more paper and ink waste.

Sometimes, using lots of paper is inevitable. In any case, you may tell the purchasing department to consider environment-friendly paper products.

Final Thoughts on Everyday Sustainable Habits

There are things in life that we are not used to doing unless we have set goals and stuck with it until it becomes a habit.

One of these things is going environment friendly. If you have decided to take on a sustainable lifestyle, try the simple everyday sustainable habits listed above.

If you get the hang of it, you may try to do more complex ways to go green. Remember that in your own little way, it still promotes a great impact on society.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.