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Exotic Animals That Make Interesting Pets

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9 Exotic Animals That Make Unique Pets

If you’re looking for a pet that is slightly out of the ‘norm,’ here’s a list of exotic animals you can have as pets!

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Bearded Dragon Lizard

These are actually one of the most gentle reptiles out there. They love to be fondled and occasionally enjoy a misty shower. They are very cool looking and aren’t too hard to keep. Shades tend to vary, but they are usually a sandy color.


You can compare these to hamsters (personality wise), with a spiky exterior to protect themselves with. These are shy animals by nature, but can develop a good personality the more it gets used to being interacted with, (which doesn’t happen overnight!)


Believe it or not, these are very popular within the exotic pet owner crew! They symbolise strength and power, which sure goes well with their appearance. They sting with their stinger, and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. Just be sure to learn how to handle them properly. Other than that – good luck!


Yes, the very thing from nightmares. Surprisingly, they show a good temperament, but they will run away as soon as they feel threatened. So only get one of these if you’re prepared to run around trying to catch it. (Eurh!)

Koi Fish

These are a Chinese breed of carp fish, they are very symbolic, and many people have them tattooed on their body symbolising strength, fortune, luck and the ability to overcome hard times. (Different colours also mean different things.) There are many koi fish for sale so get looking.

Green Iguana

These are very slow lizards; they like to take their time and enjoy relaxing and basking under the heat. Plus they are herbivores, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with insects!

Southern Tamandua

This one practically tops the list of exotic animals you can have as pets! Also known as anteaters. And yes, you really can have them as a pet! These animals crave a lot of attention, and if you don’t give them enough, they will be in a mood with you – and you’ll know it.

Sugar Glider

Or commonly known as a flying squirrel, you have to have a permit for this animal. No matter what their diet is, they need fresh fruit and nuts for healthy functioning. They make great pets and get very attached to you (physically AND mentally,) so make sure you have enough time for them. And if you want to see them glide, then let them climb high!

You must give them enough space.

Fennec Fox

One of my favorite exotic animals, the fennec fox is a small fox breed that can be kept as a pet. They are very time-consuming so don’t get one if you are out of the house every day. They are full of energy so expect to be exhausted! They must be played with as they are so active. (They’re more active than a dog and cat combined!)

Now you’ve seen a whole bunch of exotic pets, have a long hard think about what you want, and if you’re really ready.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.