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Family-Friendly Games for Free at

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Play for fun, play for free at Enjoy thousands of ad-free, web-enabled games for all ages that can be played without downloading anything.

Looking for a way to reduce stress, eliminate boredom, and even improve manual dexterity? Try playing an online game.

Believe it or not, game playing actually has many positive social, emotional and cognitive benefits. For example, it helps reduce stress, provides mental stimulation, improves manual dexterity, and more. Which is why I love taking some time each week for game playing. And now more than ever since I discovered


If you or your family enjoys playing online games, then you are going to love is a family-friendly gaming site that offers online, browser-based games for FREE – with many of the games being mobile browser friendly too.

The site is absolutely packed with a huge variety of fun games for every age and skill level. homepage


Unlike most gaming sites, is more interested in offering fun than taking your money, and it shows. How? Well…

  • All of their games are free
  • There are NO ADS!
  • There is nothing to download
  • No apps to use or buy
  • There are no paid upgrades, no paid anything for that matter
  • They don’t track users or retarget them across the web
  • You don’t have to register for an account
  • They don’t even ask for your email

All of the games can be played directly in your web browser on your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone – and are played using either the mouse or keyboard, or even your touchscreen.

If you want to save games to your favorites and access them across all web browsers and computing devices, then you do have the option to register for a free account, but it is not a requirement. That’s a big bonus for me because no unwanted emails in my inbox!

game categories

WHAT TYPES OF GAMES DOES PLAYS.ORG HAVE? has practically every type of game you can think of. There are literally thousands of games organized into hundreds of categories ranging from arcade classics to simulation type games, fighting games to drawing games, card games to jigsaw puzzles, and many more.

There are games for all ages including toddlers, preschoolers, elementary schoolers, tweens, teens, college students, young and older adults.

And there are games for all interests including art, music, aliens, sports, comics, superheroes, flying, racing, skateboarding, cartoons, holidays…I could go on and on!

examples of games on

Oh, and parents, there are lots of games for the kids, too! They have tons of educational games, skill-enhancing games and games for plain old fun! My niece has found so many favorites, my computer is the first thing she asks for when she visits.

There are geography games, math games, physics, science, drawing games, and word search games. There are also Disney-themed games, holiday-themed games, the Muppets, Dora and many more.

Plus, they are adding new games every day.


I’ve been playing the games on for several weeks now and am loving it! One of my favorite categories they offer is the arcade games. There are so many classic arcade games and modern remakes of old ones.

super tetris on

Playing them reminds me of the hours I spent as a child playing on my Atari, then my Nintendo and finally on my desktop computer. So far, I’ve played Pac-Rat, Neon Invaders, Super Tetris, and Canvas Snake, and I’ve had a blast! I also love playing their Pinball games.

pac-rat game

I’ve also discovered some new favorites including an escape game called 2 Minutes to Escape Game: Timed Scrolling Platform, a drawing game called Drawing Master, the Snow King skiing game, an 8 Ball pool game, and some jigsaw puzzles, card games, and crossword puzzles.

3d pool online

But my new, absolute favorite game is Bowling Lane, where you “draw” a path around increasingly difficult obstacles for the bowling ball to follow in order to hit the pins.

bowling game

All of the games I have played so far were simple and easy to control or navigate using either the mouse or keyboard. There are instructions to play with touchscreen, but I haven’t tried that yet. The games are well-made, run great, and offer hours of fun.

So far, my experience has been very fun and positive. In fact, the only negative thing I can think to say about is that it’s so much fun, you can easily loose time playing. And there are so many games I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface!

motocross game


The next time you’re bored, need a little pick-me-up, or are looking for something harmless to entertain the kids for a bit, head on over to I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s 100% family fun for free. And you can’t beat that!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.