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Filing for Divorce – What You Need to Know Before You File

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Marriage is a complex relationship. We have high expectations, and a lot of the time, they aren’t met. Sometimes we decide that it would be better for us to end the marriage. For many people, divorce can be liberating, but it’s still difficult. Anyone who has gone through the unfortunate experience of filing for divorce will tell you that they disliked the process, regardless of the outcome.

couple arguing before filing for divorce

When filing for divorce, you are required to examine every area of your life with your spouse and explain your reasons for wanting to end the marriage. This calls for outlining financial records, choosing who will make investments, and so forth.

Each step can be difficult, but if you contact the best granite bay family law attorney, the procedure can be straightforward and challenging problems can be addressed more sanely. 

Get Your Documents Together

Before filing for divorce, you need to get all of your important documents together. If your lawyer receives your records in a disorganized state, it will take time and money to arrange things. Make copies of any important documents you find, then gather them together. These documents include things like:

  • previous tax records
  • bank statements
  • check registers
  • investment statements
  • retirement account statements
  • employee benefit manuals
  • policies for life insurance
  • loan documents
  • financial information
  • credit card statements
  • family trusts
  • social security statements
  • stock grants
  • vehicle titles

Learning as much as possible about your spouse’s business finances is crucial if they are self-employed. Make copies of any critical financial information on your computer at home or elsewhere. 

Discuss the split

Choose when, where, and how you’ll bring up divorce with your spouse if you haven’t already. Try to avoid selecting a date that falls on a significant holiday, anniversary, a kid’s birthday, or a special occasion. Decide on a time that will allow you both to have a conversation, think things through, ponder, and relax before work or other commitments come up.

If at all feasible, try to have the conversation somewhere other than home, away from domestic tensions and diversions. Keep it brief, attempt to maintain your composure, and say no more than is necessary.

marriage certificate cut in half

Get Counseling

Even peaceful divorces have the potential to turn nasty and complex. Before filing for divorce, organize a group of dependable family and friends who will be available to listen and offer assistance.

Meeting with a therapist is also a smart choice, particularly if you’re dealing with trauma like domestic abuse or substance misuse.

And if you think that you could benefit from financial advice, schedule a meeting with a financial adviser or a professional divorce financial analyst. 

Hire a Trusted Divorce Lawyer

While it’s cheaper and more straightforward if you and your spouse can resolve your differences peacefully, if that’s not feasible, be sure you have an experienced divorce lawyer who can and is prepared to take your case to court. Overall, you want a lawyer who recognizes the benefits of settling quickly but is also willing to defend you if required.

Your lawyer should be able to help you understand your rights and guide you through the process efficiently. It’s particularly vital if there are children involved and you are seeking to learn more about getting full custody and ensuring their welfare. A skilled attorney will not only provide legal advice but also support you emotionally through this challenging period.

This isn’t the time to focus solely or believe everything your partner says. Check to see if your divorce lawyer has the qualifications and reputation you need. In this incredibly stressful time of your life, having the best attorney is essential.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.