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Five Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Mattress by Yourself: Why and How You Should Do It

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Next time you are switching out your sheets, take a quick look at your mattress as well. Then, ask yourself, when was the last time you cleaned it? The mattress is an item that also gets dirty, yet we tend always to postpone the task of maintenance. However, it is recommended to clean your mattress every six months. Read on for some tips on cleaning your mattress.

Why Should I Clean My Mattress?

We all shed dead skin cells during the night, which then go straight to the mattress. Numerous dust mites follow the same route to find nourishment. Not only this, but over time, your mattress accumulates millions of dust particles and various stains. That produces unpleasant odors and a dirty look.

In order to maintain good hygiene and health, you need to take care of your sleeping environment. Whether switching to a better mattress or caring for your old one, you shouldn’t slack in your obligations.

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cleaning your mattress

Five Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress by yourself can be a daunting task. After all, mattresses are bug, bulky, and heavy. Hopefully you can enlist the help of a friend. If not, don’t use that as an excuse not to clean it. Instead take advantage of the following tips to help ensure your mattress gets clean, even if you have to do it by yourself.

The Vacuum Is Your Best Friend       

The first thing you want to do when cleaning your mattress is strip your mattress and take off all the sheets. If your mattress has a mattress cover, make sure to take that off as well. Next, take out your vacuum and use the upholstery attachments. Start vacuuming the top surface with narrow strokes. Also, try overlapping the strokes for better efficiency.

Once you are done with the top surface, flip the mattress and repeat. After that, move on to the sides. A lot of dust and mites get collected there, so make sure you take the proper time to vacuum every nook and cranny.

While doing this, toss your sheets and pillow covers in the laundry. Don’t forget your pillows as well. If the label or the tag of your pillows allows, toss them in the washer as well.

Get Rid of All the Stains

After vacuuming, the next step in cleaning your mattress is to move on to getting rid of the stains. Your mattress will probably be a hub of food stains if you have children or pets. Luckily, those stains are not impossible to remove. All you need is an enzyme cleaner which will break down food stains, urine, and even or bloodstains.

However, when using an enzyme cleaner, note that you will have to gently spot clean the affected area. You shouldn’t vigorously rub, or you risk damaging the mattress covering. If you can’t find an enzyme cleaner, you can DIY at home within a few minutes.

For unimposing stains that are not too old, try dish soap and water. If available, feel free to use carpet shampoo as well. For tougher stains, though, it’s best to mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. But, ensure you are not putting too much and only using it on the affected areas. Next, let the mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes before applying a towel. 

If you want to get rid of urine stains, you can use the same hydrogen peroxide, but this time mix it with baking soda. Put it in a spray bottle and spray directly on the stains. Again, let it sit for 10 minutes before going in with a damp towel to take it off.

The best approach is to treat the stains the moment you spot them. The quicker you are to take action, the easier this task will be.

Deodorize Your Mattress

Getting rid of any odors is the next step in cleaning your mattress by yourself. After spot cleaning, and before you begin tackling the odors, let your mattress fully dry. Once it is dry, to get rid of any smell, use baking soda. Simply sprinkle some onto your mattress and let it sit.

After letting it sit for a while. go over it once more with the vacuum to remove the baking soda.

tips for cleaning your mattress by yourself

Place It in the Sun

If you have help, consider placing your mattress outside in the sun for some help from UV rays. Such a method will overpower any foul odors. Plus, it’ll probably kill the dust mites and molds, too.

When it is time to take your mattress back inside, gently brush off the baking soda and give it another round of vacuuming to remove the baking soda.

Top It With a Mattress Cover

The final step in cleaning your mattress by yourself is to top your mattress with a secure cover. This will protect it from dust and other bacterial particles. If you don’t have a good mattress cover, you should invest in one to preserve your efforts. Plus, the cover will protect your mattress in the upcoming years.

You can then put on your favorite set of sheets and enjoy a fresh and clean mattress for at least several months.

Wrapping It Up

You shouldn’t perceive the task of cleaning your mattress by yourself or even with help as taboo. It might be time-consuming and require some effort, but it is essential for your overall hygiene. So, make sure you take proper care of your mattress by cleaning it twice a year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.