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Food Photography Tips: 8 Essential Tips for Picture-Perfect Dishes

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Today, food photography is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, food blogging is spreading on social networks. If you’ve ever tried to photograph your lunch or dinner, you’ll know that this kind of photography is far more difficult than it appears. And there are many different nuances that are important to consider. Which is where food photography tips can help.

person taking overhead photo of food with her phone as part of our food photography tips

The reasons why food photography is so well-liked are that it gives photographers a chance to express their creativity, make it look more attractive, and interact with people who also love food. Whether you are an aspiring food blogger, a culinary enthusiast, or simply love capturing beautiful dishes, the use of great tripods and the following food photography tips will help you create stunning visuals that will leave people craving more!

Move around to find the best light source

Finding the ideal light source is one of the most important food photography tips. It is crucial when photographing food to make sure the dish looks its best. Natural light is preferred, although depending on the location, the brightness and angle at which it strikes the food may change.

Furthermore, the tone of your images might be impacted by the lighting. Finding the ideal light source can assist you in setting the right ambiance for your food photography. However, poor lighting can be easily fixed while post-processing.

moving around to get the best light source is part of food photography tips

Choose the right angle

When photographing food, picking the appropriate perspective is crucial because it can change the message you’re trying to convey as well as the appearance of the meal. The key reason for considering this advice is that picking the proper perspective can highlight the food’s best qualities, including its texture, color, and shape. You can take lots of photos and only then pick the one you like.

man taking photo of food from above as part of choosing the right angle; another of our food photography tips

Use the rule of thirds

Next on our list of top photography tips is to use the rule of thirds. When photographing food, the rule of thirds can be used to help achieve a composition that is both balanced and aesthetically pleasing. By dividing the image into thirds and positioning the main subject at one of the intersecting points, this food photography tip aims to help you achieve balance in your photographs.

food photography tips the rule of thirds shown in an image of pancakes

Prepare composition

When photographing food, planning the composition is crucial since it can produce a balanced, aesthetically pleasing image that draws the viewer’s attention. Besides, it may be helpful in including necessary items in the frame, such as props or utensils that go with the meals. To set the location of the photograph and produce the ideal ambiance, plan ahead and arrange your photo settings.

cookies with flour and a whisk on a dark background

Employ the right equipment

Next on our list of food photography tips is to make sure you have the right equipment. Using a tripod can help you take better, sharper pictures because it adds stability. However, you should know how to choose a tripod as there are lots of them and each type suits different types of photography. Choose one that suits your needs best, and that is strong and steady, with adjustable height, and a hook you can add weight to for stability.

using the our food right equipment like this camera on a tripod is one of our food photography tips

Improve the colors of food

It’s no secret that colors are important in food photography. Consider the color of the food and strive to present it on plates and with accessories that complement the colors on the opposite side of the color wheel in order to make your shots look mouthwatering. Add some decorative elements to a dish to liven up the color schemes if it appears monotonous and uninteresting.

improving the color of foods when photographing them is one of the most important food photography tips

Edit the photo

The food’s colors and textures can be improved in the picture by editing. A photo’s brightness, contrast, and saturation can be changed using an aesthetic picture maker with various features. This step is important as it gives you the opportunity to make your images look much better, even if you failed while taking them. With a powerful editor, you can fix the perspective, adjust the lighting and so much more.

woman editing photos


Like our other food photography tips, practice is important. When photographing food, practice enables you to improve your skills and establish your own unique style. Additionally, it enables you to identify what works and what doesn’t work by allowing you to learn from the mistakes you make.  This can help you develop your photography abilities and take more effective pictures.

woman photographing food

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these food photography tips will help you. Put them to good use right away and don’t waste any more time. It can be very challenging to master, but patience is key because practice makes perfect. You may have a ton of fun while figuring out creative ways to give food images individuality.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.