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4 Fun DIY Craft Ideas for Kids

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The summer holidays are upon us, and for many parents, it can be a time of thumb-twiddling to try and think of ways to entertain their little ones. If this sounds like your situation, read on for 4 fun DIY crafts ideas for kids of every age group to try.

DIY crafts for kids like these percussion instruments

Robot Costumes

For older children who enjoy dressing up, creating a robot costume could provide hours of entertainment. Whether you make a costume from fabric or cardboard, you can glue nuts and bolts to the exterior to create a suitably metallic effect.

Companies like Accu supply precision components on demand, whether you need one or a thousand. With fast worldwide delivery and fantastic service, Accu are the ones you should call on for precision components whenever you need them.

DIY Musical Instruments

This can be a great activity to entertain young children, although you might need to invest in some good quality earplugs! You can create musical instruments by recycling your old cereal boxes and plastic bottles. You could even use potato chip containers to make some DIY percussion instruments!

Elastic bands make excellent guitar strings and don’t forget to use paint to colorfully decorate your instruments.

If you need to find water-based and non-toxic paint for kids, you can find them at craft shops like Hobbycraft in a wide range of different colors.


For older children who enjoy paper crafts, origami is a great activity for them to challenge their hand-to-eye coordination and create some wonderful home decorations. To create high-quality origami, you can buy specialist paper that is resistant to cracking and is suitable for the most intricate designs.

Origami paper typically comes in three different sizes (15cm, 24cm, or 35cm), and is known as “kami”. You can order Kami in large quantities from online retailers like Amazon for fast and reliable delivery using their Prime service.

Picture Frames

Most family homes are decorated to the nines with family photos, and frames can be expensive – why not get the kids to design and create their own? Simply create a template to the correct size of a picture frame, and allow the kids to create frames from lolly sticks, pieces of wood, or other materials. You could use glitter, feathers, or colored pens to decorate them. Although the more garish designs may be unsuitable for use around the family home, they can also be a great way for children to customize their bedrooms or playrooms with pictures of their friends and family.

Do you have any ideas for fun DIY crafts for kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.