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How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home

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Along with ants, flies are the most common insect pest you have to deal with inside your house. Not only are they disgusting and a real annoyance, but they will also spread disease if left unchecked in the home since they flit from garbage to food, and then back again.

How to get rid of flies in your home

You can do a few things to keep them from being attracted to your house, and also take further steps to install a fly control system.


We might as well start off with the easier one: garbage. Flies will certain be attracted to garbage and trash if left in uncovered containers.  Store all your trash in bins with tightly closing lids, or in bags that you can tie the tops shut immediately. This also includes any accumulated food waste that is destined for an outside compost bin. Even if you intend to dump it outside in a short time, keep it under wraps.

Open Food

Though garbage tends to be a favorite attractant, flies will also congregate around any other exposed food if something is left out on the counter. If you tend to leave food sitting out, like a bowl of fruit or an open plate of cookies or candy, that can be a problem. Even if you like the convenience of some foods right out at your fingertips, start keeping them covered up or stored in containers instead.

Dead Animals

You would probably notice if you had a dead badger in the middle of your living room but having a small rodent like a mouse or bat dead in an attic or basement can easily go unnoticed. If you are getting flies and really can’t pinpoint the problem, grab a flashlight and check out some of the less traveled nooks and crannies of the house.


One thing that flies like that most people are not as aware of, is heat. They are drawn to sources of heat, which is why you often see them buzzing around light bulbs. Most times of the year, it’s not a big concern but it can be a nuisance in the spring when the air outside is still cold, and your windows are warming up in the sun.

Dealing with Flies

Once you’ve dealt with the various things in your house that have been drawing in the flies, you still have to take care of the ones that are now living with you. And don’t just ignore them. Once they start laying eggs, even if no new flies come into the house, you’ll have a quickly growing population to deal with.

Have a few handy flyswatters around the house so you can easy grab one when a fly is within reach and add a few of those sticky trap strips to the windows so that they can be caught when they are buzzing around the glass.

Not enough? An indoor electrical unit (like a “big zapper”) can be a huge help in dealing with inside fly problems. They can usually take care of the typical house flies as well as the smaller fruit flies.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.