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Henry’s Humdingers Raw Honey Condiments – Review

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By now I am sure you have heard about the rapid decline of the bee population, especially the honeybees, due to colony collapse disorder. As global warming impacts our environment, plant-flowering times have changed leading to a massive decline in bee colonies. This could have major impacts on our food production. It has been going on for years now, and the bee population continues to decline. Back in 2011, a young boy by the name of Henry Miller learned about Colony Collapse Disorder from a beekeeper, and decided that he wanted to do something to help. So for his birthday he asked for a beehive and began selling raw honey by the side of the road as a way to earn money for saving the bees (and his family’s farm). Then he added spices and Henry’s Humdinger’s was born! Today these butt-kicking condiments are sold in over 300 stores across 31 states!


Made of raw honey and spices, Henry’s Humdingers come in 4 different and unique blends. There is Diabolical Dad, a fiery blend of honey, Habanero and lime. Naughty Nana is a hot spicy ginger, pepper and honey blend. Grumpy Grandpa is a tasty concoction of raw honey, red pepper and garlic.  Phoebes Fireball is a unique sweet and spicy mix of chipotle chile, cinnamon and raw honey.


Raw honey is actually quite good for you. Not only is it naturally sweet, but it is fat-free, cholesterol free and low-calorie! However, since Henry’s Humdingers are made with raw honey, over time it will crystallize. This does not mean it has gone bad, it is just something honey will do. Honey actually lasts a long time, in fact, the jars I received are good until 2019! All you have to do to get it back to its original gooey goodness is warm up the jar in a pan of warm water. 


Henry’s Humdingers can be used for all sorts of delicious recipes. Try it as a marinade for meats, pour a little over fresh steamed veggies, or have a side with your morning muffins. Use it as an ingredient in your own secret sauce, or add a little kick to your favorite dressing. There are literally thousands of things you can make with Henry’s Humdingers! Still have no idea what to do with them? Not only is there an online collection of over 100 recipes, there is also a cookbook full of ideas just waiting for you to try! Our favorite is using Phoebes Fireball to make our own homemade sweet and spicy hot wings!


Henry’s Humdingers can be ordered directly from the website at, or you can check the site to see if there is a store near you. And when you do purchase Henry Humdinger’s not only will you get a culinary treat, but you’ll be helping the bees because a portion of all sales goes towards preserving the bees!


Find the flavor you love the best! Be sure to connect with Henry’s Humdingers on both Facebook and Twitter. And remember to help save the bees!

Which one would you like to try?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.