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How to Keep Kids Occupied on Moving Day

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Moving day is notoriously stressful, and having kids complaining about boredom certainly doesn’t help. Luckily there are lots of ways to keep kids occupied on moving day.

ways to keep kids occupied on moving day

One simple solution is to designate your kids a fun moving day “job” or two. These tasks can help keep your kids stay occupied and make them feel more involved—which goes a long way in soothing their moving anxiety. Plus, many of these “jobs” can give you some extra help as well.

Here are seven kid-friendly jobs that will help keep kids occupied on moving day.

The Supervisory Assistant

First up on our list of jobs that will help keep kids occupied on moving day is the Supervisory Assistant. This job will make your kids feel important, while also helping you get stuff done. Plus, every kid loves to feel like they are in charge!

Job Description: Assisting you with small tasks as needed, such as packing boxes, fetching packing material, and in between assisting, ensuring no one is slacking on the job.

Equipment Checklist:

Clipboard & Pen – Perfect to write down what they observe between tasks as they walk around. Plus, it looks very official!

Tip: to avoid constant interruptions of tattling, tell your child to hold off on giving their final report until the end of the day.

The Artist Job to Keep Kids Occupied on Moving Day

If your child has an artistic streak, then the Artist’s job is ideal when it comes to how to keep kids occupied on moving day! A few art supplies can keep them busy for hours. Plus, it can also give you a wonderful keepsake to commemorate the day.

Job Description: Getting creative. This may mean drawing portraits throughout the day of what’s happening, creating wall art for the new home, or making homemade goodbye cards.

Equipment Checklist:

Drawing Medium – Crayons, pencils, and markers can all be good choices.

Paper – Cardboard will also do if you have extra, and it’s great to make large pieces, like a big sign with your family’s surname.

Tip: if your kids love art, be sure to save some cardboard boxes for future art projects. Puppet theatres, dollhouses, or box forts or always fun. Or keep it thematic and use it as a learning opportunity. For example, if you moved to NYC, you might want to try crafting a cardboard Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building.

The Mailman/Mailwoman

The Mailman/Mailwoman is next on our list of jobs to help keep kids occupied on moving day. Chances are your child has grown close with some of your neighbors, so this task will not only get them out of the house for a while but can also help them get some closure.

Job Description: Delivering goodbye cards or treats to neighbors as a final farewell.

Equipment Checklist:

Letter or Card – Getting your child to write a letter or make the card can prolong this task and make the gift to your neighbor extra special.

Gift Card or Treats – While a handmade card is more than enough, everyone loves a few treats or a gift card! Try this homemade gift card envelope if you go this route.

The Petsitter Job to Keep Kids Occupied on Moving Day

For animal-lovers, the Petsitter job is a great way to keep kids occupied on moving day! This job also gives teaches them about responsibility.

Don’t have a pet? Assign younger children a favorite stuffed animal to look after on moving day. Tell them that it is their job to make sure the stuffed toy stays busy and isn’t scared.

Job Description: Making sure the family pet is comforted, not scared, and has everything they need for the move.

Equipment Checklist:

Leash – A walk around the block or even just across the yard can help both your pet and child burn some energy.

Toys – Great to keep everyone entertained.

Books – Maybe your pet would like to be read a story or two while they snooze.

Older children can often handle everything from feeding to walks, while younger children that can’t quite tackle it all on their own are still great for cuddles and play.

Bonus: This job can often help kids forget or sort through some of their own moving anxieties.

The Photographer

Moving can be full of memories, especially for children, so why not get them to capture some of the action on camera? The Photographer job can be a great way to keep kids busy on moving day.

Job Description: Taking photos of the move to commemorate the big day. 

Equipment Checklist:

Camera – You don’t necessarily need to give them your fancy camera to tote around. An old phone, cheap thrifted camera, or even a disposable will get the job done.

Scrapbook – Use these photos down the road to make a mini scrapbook or two.

Worried about your little photographer impeding the flow of the move? Try telling them something along the lines of, “The best photographers take candid shots, without asking for pause or getting in the way.”

The Interior Decorator

Next up on the list of jobs to help keep kids occupied on moving day is the Interior Decorator job A new room is always exciting, especially deciding where all your stuff goes.

Job Description: Unpacking and organizing their own room. They may also assist with other areas in the home.

Equipment Checklist:

Full Boxes – That’s it, that’s all!

You may also want to consider letting your child pick their room’s paint color or a new accessory, such as a lamp or bedding. This will go along way in getting them excited about their new space.

The Camper

It isn’t often you get a room empty enough to pitch a tent, so take full advantage of moving day and have an indoor camping trip to unwind.

Job Description: Pitching a tent and making it comfy.

Equipment Checklist:

Tent – If you don’t have an actual tent, a few sheets stretched across some chairs or other furniture will suffice.

After a long day of moving, you may not want to sleep in a tent, but that doesn’t mean your kids won’t want to. Have some pizza, play a board game, or watch a movie as a family, then feel free to sneak off to your own bed.

Holding A Moving Day Job Fair

A week or so before moving day, hold a mini job fair to let your kids know what jobs are available on moving day and how they can “apply”. 

For example, the application for Supervisory Assistant may consist of helping you make supper, while an application for Pet Sitter may require your child to take the dog on walks and clean up after it.

Offering jobs as a way to keep kids occupied on moving day works great for getting them excited about the big day, and it can give you some extra help in the week or two leading up to the move.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Kids Occupied on Moving Day

Whether you want your kids to feel involved or are simply looking for a way to keep kids occupied on moving day, assigning your kids a few fun jobs is the way to go. This method will help ensure a hectic day is also a happy one—plus a few extra helping hands is always a bonus!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.