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How to Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

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Everyone has been there before. It’s the day of a big event, perhaps an important meeting at work or a party you’ve looked forward to for weeks. You’ve got everything ready, and you’re feeling good about yourself and hoping you won’t have a bad hair day. What could go wrong?

Woman in a black shirt frowning at her hair while holding locks of it while thinking it is a bad hair day.

Well, a few things. There could be traffic. It could start pouring rain. Your outfit may not look as good now as it did in the store changing rooms. Or maybe you cannot get your tresses under control. Bad hair days are nothing new, and everyone has dealt with them at some point, but what if you could never have one again?

How Do Bad Hair Days Happen?

From using the wrong type of shampoo to sleeping on it while it is still wet, there are plenty of causes for a bad hair day! Here are a few of the most common ones.

You haven’t washed it in a while

If you haven’t washed it in a while, your hair will likely be more challenging to manage and get under control. Experts do not recommend washing your tresses every day, as it strips away the natural oils, but your current routine may not be enough. On average, you should wash it at least twice a week, depending on your hair type, to ensure it stays lively and full. 

Your shampoo isn’t beneficial to your type 

Using the wrong products for your hair type is another common cause of bad hair days, Do you know your type? Most people don’t give it a second thought and simply buy the cheapest shampoo. However, choosing the wrong shampoo could cause bad hair days. Shampoos contain ingredients that directly benefit different hair types.

These expert-tested shampoos for dry hair are a good place to start (if yours is dry), but you can also research ways to find out your hair type and select the perfect shampoo and conditioner combination.

The weather is wreaking havoc 

Sometimes, a bad hair day has nothing to do with how you take care of your locks. The weather can often wreak havoc on your tresses especially if you’re visiting or have moved somewhere entirely different from where you normally live.

Some people find that humidity causes their locks to frizz and makes it impossible to control. Therefore, you need to prepare for these environments. Purchase products that can get frizz (or other issues) under control so you aren’t battling with it all day before leaving the hotel. 

You went to sleep while your hair was still wet 

Going to sleep with wet hair happens if you know you need to get up early but don’t want to get up too early to shower. You understand that the allure of the cozy comforter will be too much to resist, so you decide to be responsible and shower before getting into bed.

However, doing this can often lead to a bad hair day, especially if you sleep on your side. While one side dries normally, the other compresses against the pillow. This makes one side of your hair look flat and listless and is impossible to deal with. 

It would help if you had a haircut 

The longer you leave your hair, the more chance of suffering through a bad hair day. As it grows, the ends split and can become too thick to manage even with your favorite products.

Although many people crave luscious and flowing locks, you still need to get your haircut at least semi-regularly to keep it under control and avoid many of the most common bad hair day problems. 

Woman with curly hair sleeping with her face covered by a sheet and her black curly hair spread around her head. Sleeping with dry hair will help avoid a bad hair

How to Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again 

Are you ready to say goodbye to those frustrating hair mishaps and hello to consistently great hair days? Here are 10 things you can do to help ensure you never have a bad hair day again.

1. Avoid Damage 

The simplest way to avoid a bad hair day is to do everything to avoid damage. But what sort of damage can your tresses encounter? Heat damage from your curling iron or straightener is one, while simply not looking after it is another.

You may have been a little too lax on your haircare, so treat it better, and it will be easier to manage. Give it the TLC it needs to thrive, and you will not struggle through so many bad hair days. Instead, you’ll find your perfect style and look good every time. 

2. Discover Your Hair Type 

However, you may not know how to take better care of your hair especially if you don’t know what type you have. Although it’s obvious for some people with straight, fine, thin, or thick hair, it becomes a little more complicated when you get into the subtypes. 

This is a common issue for people with 2B hair or even 2C. While it is wavy, it is not as wavy as others, and this can throw you for a loop and make it impossible to keep up. You can speak to your hairdresser about what they think your hair type is and get recommendations for the best products to take better care of it. 

3. Hydrate It First Thing in the Morning 

If you live in a dry climate, your hair could become too dry too quickly, especially in the morning. You can overcome this and tame it first thing by hydrating it as soon as possible. But, if you’re not showering before going to work, you can take a simpler approach. 

Keep a spray bottle on your nightstand to use as soon as you wake up. Spritzing your hair immediately gives it the hydration it needs and can make it easier to get under control when brushing or combing it as you’re getting ready for work or school. 

4. Use Dry Shampoo 

You don’t have to wash your locks with shampoo if you can’t find a shampoo that works for you. Other options for washing your hair include apple cider vinegar and dry shampoo. The vinegar protects your tresses and brings back a shine, while dry shampoo is a convenient and effective method for anyone trying to keep their hair under control, especially when you’re on the go. 

This is why the product is so popular at festivals and traveling. It provides a simple solution to bedhead and helps overcome issues when you’ve not showered.

5. Find Simple Solutions 

If you have struggled with more bad hair days than you can count, you could try more simple solutions to help you manage. If you typically wear your hair down but can’t bear the thought of leaving the house looking like that, putting your hair up can give you some respite. 

If you feel a ponytail or bun is too casual, try a side braid or mermaid hair to add some elegance and style. While these options won’t solve your bad hair day, they can keep the hair under control while you’re out of the house, and you can deal with any issues throughout the day a little easier. 

Woman in a yellow shirt wearing her brown hair in a ponytail.

6. Buy a Silk Pillowcase 

Silk (or satin) pillowcases have become a more common solution for mitigating bad hair days before they become a problem. The softness of the material eases the roughness and does not cause your hair to cling to the surface as another material would. This approach is ideal for keeping it in place overnight, even if you toss and turn. 

The pillowcase can make an impressive difference and works for all types of hair, so you don’t need to worry about finding a specific product. 

7. Get More Regular Haircuts 

You already know that bad hair days happen because you’ve not had your haircut in a long time. So a solution to this is to get your haircut more often. However, visiting the salon every few months can get expensive, and who has the time anymore, anyway? 

A bi-yearly cut can do wonders for your tresses, but you can also learn how to trim split ends and level your bangs yourself. Not only will this save you money, but it also helps you keep your hair under control and teaches you a new skill you could pass on to your kids. 

8. Encourage Your Roots and Scalp

A scalp massager generates blood flow and encourages your roots to grow. These little tools are ideal when you’re sitting around doing nothing at the end of the night and can make a huge difference in maintaining your hair health. You only need about five to ten minutes of scrubbing, and it feels quite nice, too. 

9. Part Your Hair Differently If You’re Wearing A Hat 

Beating hat hair is simpler than you think. Instead of getting your locks perfect before putting the hat on and walking out the door, you should part your hair the opposite way. This way, you can avoid the typical flatness when you take your hat off, and you can easily flip it over with everyone else none the wiser. 

10. Embrace The Mess 

A bad hair day doesn’t always need to be a disaster. Sometimes, you want your locks to look full and untamed. While this may not be ideal for an important work meeting, a casual day out with friends or family doesn’t demand as much formality and your long, wild locks may add to the style you’re trying to cultivate, so embrace the mess and relieve your hair stress. 

The back side of a woman with beautiful blonde, wavy hair walking through nature.

Great Hair Days 

Bad hair days are gone! It’s time for the era of a good–no–great hair day. These tips may not stop your hair from looking like a  mess when you first wake up, but you’ll learn all the tricks and hacks to help you tame that wild mane. With this, you can look your best, boost your confidence, and stride into every event with all eyes on you for the right reasons this time, too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.