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How to Prepare for a Facelift: 6 Essential Tips

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If you’ve decided to get rid of deep wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity by having facelift surgery, it’s essential that you know how to prepare for a facelift before you go for the procedure.

unconscious patient prepped for surgery as doctors prepare for facelift procedure

But before you start prepping for the clinic stay, you will want to spend some time choosing the right plastic surgeon. It’s essential to consider experience, expertise, fee structures, and a few other factors. Plastic surgery experts like Dr. Brandon Ball will publicize their qualifications and other accreditations to make it easier for patients to identify certified healthcare practitioners.

Nevertheless, once you have found the right plastic surgeon, here’s how to prepare for the procedure.

1. Stop Smoking

It is vital that as you begin to prepare for a facelift you stop smoking. It’s no secret that smoking can bring on early signs of age, but more than that, nicotine use is off-limits for medical reasons. Mainly because nicotine can restrict blood flow, which can cause complications both during and after the surgical procedure.

2. Avoid Over-The-Counter Medicines

One of the most common misconceptions about OTC medicines is that they are safe to use simply because no prescription is required. However, OTC medications can actually contradict existing prescription medications.

For example, suppose you are using prescription antidepressants and decide to use OTC pain medication after your facelift surgery. In that case, the pain medication can contradict the antidepressants, causing potentially severe side effects. Instead, speak to your plastic surgeon about pain management options as you prepare for a facelift.

3. Plan For The Recovery

Another essential to remember as you prepare for a facelift is to also plan for your recovery time. Facelift surgery requires some healing time, like most other surgical cosmetic procedures. The average healing time for a facelift is one to two weeks, so it’s essential to plan your recovery time.

Meal prep is a pretty practical way to ensure following your regular healthy diet is possible. But in addition to planning meals, it’s also wise to consider helpful services like residential cleaning, carpooling, and others that can fill in for your time off while you heal.

4. Stay Hydrated

As you prepare for a facelift, make sure you drink plenty of water. We all know that water is essential for the body, but it is even more so when the body is healing. For this reason, it’s wise to stay hydrated before and after the procedure to ensure a healthy recovery.

5. Plan A Ride

Even though a facelift is a relatively quick and minor procedure, you will not be able to drive yourself home afterward. You will be sedated during the facelift and might experience brain fog and other effects for some time. So as you prepare for a facelift, make sure you have a loved one to bring you to the appointment and drive you home afterward.

6. Plan What You Will Wear

Although it sounds kind of odd to think about clothing as you prepare for a facelift, it’s actually an important consideration. After any surgical procedure, you will want to be comfortable rather than restrained by tight-fitting clothing. So make sure you dress comfortably in suitable clothing for your appointment.

Final Thoughts on How to Prepare for a Facelift

Sometimes, the impacts of aging can’t be overthrown simply by enhancing a skincare routine to incorporate more hydrating serums and other anti-aging products. Even though the right skincare routine can boost skin health and overall appearance, a facelift can successfully give you skin that looks as much as ten years younger. This surgery also tightens and lifts the neck, removing jowls and sagging.

As you prepare for a facelift, make sure you consider the above tips so that everything goes smoothly both before and after your procedure.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.