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Improve Your Health With A Little Technical Support

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You don’t have to be the most tech savvy person to enjoy the modern wonders we have today.  From smart TVs to mobile devices, even the way we sign into the doctor’s surgery has become ICT based.  Regardless of how up to date you are with the new tech, there are some amazing little helpers which can improve your health and lifestyle.

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We all know water is important.  We try to follow the 8 glasses a day rule but it isn’t always easy to remember.  The other thing is that 8 glasses of water may be enough for a 5ft6 woman who weighs 80 lbs, but what about a 5ft3 woman who weighs 180 lbs.  Surely we can’t all need the same amount of water to reach our peak hydration.  It doesn’t make sense.

Well, it doesn’t make sense because it isn’t right.  Different bodies need different levels of hydration but how much do you need?  Maybe you work out everyday or you live in a hotter environment.  What is the correct amount of water for you?

Firstly there are some pretty basic ways for telling if we are drinking enough and you won’t need a degree in technology to understand them.  Your pee.  If your pee is clear and has little to no smell then good job! You are getting plenty of water.  If, however, you look down the toilet to see a dark pool with that typical wee smell? Then get yourself into the kitchen and start drinking sister!

Ok, but here is the cool bit.  Some really clever people have invented a water bottle which can take all the guess work out of this. is a water bottle which can measure your hydration levels, tell you how much you need to drink, when you need to drink it and store all that information for you on your phone.  It may sound a little strange, however wouldn’t it be great to have peace of mind when it comes to your hydration?  

Sleep is getting a little techno support too.  So, you go to bed at night before 10pm, wake up at 6am and pat yourself on the back for an awesome job.  Unfortunately you hit mid morning and you feel sluggish.  Why?  This is probably to do with the quality of your sleep.  Problem is, how would you know? You were asleep!

The guys at have developed a clever little app which runs in the background of your mobile phone.  At night it measures your movement and can work out how you are sleeping.  Highlighting what you did during the day which may have caused you to avoid slipping into a nice deep sleep.  Whilst you may not understand how it works, it is certainly an interesting way of monitoring how you sleep during the night and how that makes you feel the next day.

Maybe we all need to get a little bit more tech savvy, because the way it looks we can take better care of our lives than ever before!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.