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Infrared Sauna: The Newest Innovation in Saunas

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When you hear the word sauna, what comes to mind? For me, the first thing that comes to mind is a small closet-like room, dimly lit and smelling wonderfully of warm cedar. Hot coals slowly release their heat into the thick, humid air that is not quite, but almost just a bit stifling. The heat envelopes me, relieving my muscles of their tight tension and causing the toxins to seep out of my body in a thin layer of invigorating sweat. But did you know that there is another type of sauna, one that uses the same rays from the sun – minus the UV radiation? It’s called a far infrared sauna, or FIR Sauna.

Infrared Sauna: The Newest Innovation in Saunas

The Far Infrared Sauna

A far infrared sauna feels like a traditional sauna, it even looks similar to a traditional sauna except there aren’t any hot coals. Instead, the heat is emitted from built-in infrared heaters, which are usually located on the sides and the top of the sauna.

Where a traditional sauna works by heating the air which then comes in contact with the skin and heats the body, the far infrared sauna uses infrared light (which is part of the spectrum of natural sunlight minus the UV radiation) to directly and deeply penetrate the tissues and heat up the core body temperature.

The far infrared saunas are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and need no plumbing hookup. They also use much less electricity and require a shorter warm-up period. But above all, they provide deeper health benefits and are much more comfortable. Visit G&B Quality Cedar Products to buy sauna cedar materials.

The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Bathing

For years people have known of the benefits of sauna bathing. Many of us are well aware that heat relaxes aching muscles and soothes away stress, while deep sweating removes toxins from the body. In addition, there is a lowering of the risk of heart disease, an enhancement of mood, and even an easing of depression.

The infrared sauna benefits are much the same as a traditional sauna, except you get much deeper tissue and muscle penetration. In addition, as a result of using infrared light to heat the core body temperature, you get better (and cooler) air circulation than you do in a traditional sauna which makes it easier to breathe.

This, in turn, allows you to stay in longer, working up a more intense sweat, and therefore getting more effective detoxification.

Other Types of Infrared Sauna Products

In addition to saunas, there are several other types of far infrared products on the market which are smaller and more portable but still work for relaxation and ease of pain. For example, an Infrared Sauna Belt is perfect for easing aches and pains in specific parts of the body such as the neck and shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Or for those without space, who want or need a full-size FIR sauna in their home, a portable Infrared Sauna is ideal for enjoying the health benefits of a sauna. Many of these can be found on Amazon as well as several health products sites.

Next time you are looking for a way to escape the stress, aches, and pains of everyday life, why not consider the benefits of an infrared sauna?

Have you experienced an infrared sauna? Share your thoughts with us below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.