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Introducing Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Line!

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New This Month!

This month Yves Rocher introduced their amazing new Anti-Age Global three step skin care line.  Like all of Yves Rocher’s products, this line is made using all natural botanicals.  What makes this different from other anti-aging skin care products is the use of a new generation (4th) of Plant Source Cells derived from Echinacea.

These cells are incorporated in their entirety into the product to help preserve their cellular structure for maximum effectiveness.

These Plant Source Cells are unique to Yves Rocher, and they hold the key to powerful infinite plant self-regeneration.  This is important in skincare in that these Plant Source Cells help to stimulate and improve natural cellular renewal which promotes denser, firmer skin and helps to correct major signs of aging.

This skincare system offers 6 major benefits:

  • Moisturizes
  • Strengthens
  • Smooths Wrinkles
  • Restores Radiance
  • Redensifies
  • Regenerates

After only 6 days of use, you will notice smoothness, firmness, renewed radiance, firmness and a more even skin texture.
I have always had to be careful in what products I have applied to my face in the past since my skin leans towards the sensitive side, and many products have caused small breakouts. With the Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global line, I have had no problems, only amazing results.

The formula has been tested under dermatological supervision, and it contains no parabens or mineral oil, only plant-based ingredients.  I have been using this three step regimen for close to a month now, and am very impressed with the results!

My regimen is simple, after washing my face in the morning I gently dab a small amount of the Complete Anti-Age Eye Care under my eyes allowing it to absorb into the skin.  The Eye Care cream helps get rid of any puffiness and diminish any dark circles while hydrating the delicate skin.

I have also noticed a reduction in the appearance of those pesky fine wrinkles that were beginning to appear under my eyes and around the corners.  The tube is designed for ease of application, and the cream has a very light texture.

Next I apply the Complete Anti-Age Day Care cream which has a nice thick, creamy texture but feels light and non-greasy when applied to my skin.  It takes only a small amount which I gently massage into the skin of my entire face, and it is absorbed quickly.

I then apply my make up, for which the cream makes a wonderful base for foundation! I love how the Day Care cream leaves my skin incredibly smooth and moisturized through out the entire day without a shiny, greasy look or feeling.

The last step of my regimen comes after I wash my face before I head to bed.  Using the Complete Anti-Age Night Care cream, I again apply a small amount and gently rub it into my skin.  Like the Day Care cream, it absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin soft and moisturized.

Within the first week of following this regimen, I began to notice a marked difference not only in the appearance of my skin, but in its texture as well!  It began to look and feel softer, firmer, denser and much more moisturized.

Fine lines began to diminish and my skin tone started to look even and radiant.
Now, almost a month later, my skin looks and feels noticeably younger.  I continue to follow the same regimen daily and could not be happier with the results. I do believe my skin looks younger, firmer and more radiant, and it feels amazingly soft and firm!

Beautiful skin truly makes you feel more beautiful!  Give it a try yourself!  Available beginning this month, the Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global line can be purchased online directly through Yves Rocher.

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Wednesday 13th of February 2013

I've been hearing more and more about this brand and I'm really curious to try it for myself now. Thanks!

Cheeky Momma

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

I've heard great things about this line but have never tried it myself! Thanks for the great review!

Chelsea MsMummy

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

It looks fab! Great review, I think I need some! x


Wednesday 13th of February 2013

thanks for sharing ive never heard of this brand

Krystle(Baking Beauty)

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

These look awesome! Love that you can see results within 6 days

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