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Yves Rocher: Beauty from Botanicals

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What could be better for beauty than using botanicals?  The Yves Rocher entire line is made from botanical ingredients, and is incredibly affordable!

For over 50 years, Yves Rocher has been harvesting their own organically grown plants and using only the best botanical ingredients in their products to benefit every skin type.  Skin care products and body care products that are not only inspired by nature but made with natural, botanical ingredients.

The Winter/Holiday Collection

I recently had the opportunity to experience some of the products from their Winter Line and Holiday Collection.  This fabulous collection includes cosmetics whose colors were inspired by nature, limited edition bath and body products, and luxurious candles and bath soaks that capture the essence of a sun-filled Spring garden.

The first items I tried are part of the Couleurs Nature collection which includes a nail lacquer in Pinkish Taupe and a Moisturizing Cream Lipstick in Woody Red.  As the collection’s name suggests, these cosmetics draw their color from nature and give you a glamorous and sophisticated, yet natural look.

High Concentration Nail Lacquer: $5

What They Say:  Taupe, is one of six new shades of Yves Rocher’s High Concentration Nail Lacquer.  These lacquers contain high amounts of pigmentation which enhances the color for a smooth, deep colored, shiny result.  This particular color shows as a light tan with pink undertones.  The brilliant shine is the result of a botanical resin called Elemi Gum, which is extracted from a tree that grows in the Philippines.

What I Say:   After only the first coat of this lacquer you can see its rich color that dries with a high shine.  I did notice that you see the pink undertone best in certain lights such as natural light and fluorescent light, in most other types of light the color appears as a pale tan.  The shine continues to last after several days, and the polish itself withstands a lot of use lasting several days without chipping or flaking.  Also, since it is a pale color, it is very easy to remove and does not leave a ‘stain’ that you have to scrub to completely remove.

Moisturizing Cream Lipstick: Woody Red Limited Edition $9

What They Say:  Part of the Moisturizing Cream Lipstick line, this particular color, Woody Red, is a limited edition color.   This line uses organic Sesame Oil to make the lipstick satiny smooth and creamy while it helps to moisturize your lips leaving them silky soft.  The color actually remains true from the stick to your lips, and is long-lasting, staying bright and fresh for hours.

What I Say:  This lipstick really does feel satiny-smooth when you are applying it to your lips.  There is none of that dry, sticky feeling, even after it has been on for awhile.  Instead, it stays creamy and smooth and leaves your lips moisturized.  Woody Red, is a beautiful, deep satiny red that comes in a limited edition red and gold pack.  I was unable to find this particular color on the American site, but did find it on the UK site where it can be purchased.

Les Plaisirs Nature: Apple Delight $8

One of my favorite ways to relax is by taking nice warm fragrant bubble baths or a warm shower using fragrant shower gels.  Yves Rocher has created a delectable-smelling fragrance for their limited edition bath and body collection, Apple Delight.

What They Say:  A warm vanilla-based Apple fragrance for this limited edition bath collection that is enriched with Apple and Witch Hazel water to delicately clean your skin.  It is free of paraben and ethoxylated ingredients.

What I Say:   This golden-colored bath and shower gel has a sweet smelling scent of apples and vanilla.  It is a light scent, not at all overbearing.  When used with a loofah or puff in the shower, you get a nice thick lather that gently cleans your skin and leaves it soft and moisturized, not dry and itchy.

Or pour a capful under the faucet running with warm water, and you get a tub full of thick, fluffy, long-lasting bubbles that envelope the bathroom in a heavenly scent, and leaves your skin smelling delicious and feeling clean and soft as silk.  A truly relaxing bath experience!

Un Matin au Jardin

Candles and Bath Salts: Purple Lilac $12 for set.

Another incredibly relaxing product I tried is part of the Un Matin au Jardin line which includes candles, bath lotions, bath gels, bath salts and more in a trio of fresh floral fragrances that reminds you of a spring garden in bloom.  I chose to try a candle and a sachet of bath salts, both in the Purple Lilac scent.

Purple Lilac Bath Salts:  Enjoy the gentle scent of purple Lilac in these effervescent bath salts that are paraben free.


Fresh Rose Perfumed Candle or Citrus Flower Perfumed Candle: the fresh fragrance of a sunny floral garden is captured in these pretty perfumed candles.

What I Say:  Purple Lilac Bath Salts: these smell so much like purple lilac and make me think of a warm Spring morning in a newly-blooming flower garden.  I love the sachets in that they are the perfect size for a single use and scent the water perfectly.  After a nice, relaxing soak the scent lingers on your skin which is left soft and moisturized.

Purple Lilac Perfumed Candle:  this provides the perfect addition to a relaxing bath: candle-light!  This 3.5oz candle comes in a pretty glass holder and has the strong, long-lasting scent of Purple Lilac.  It puts out the perfect amount of light for a long, relaxing candle-lit bath after an exhausting, cold day!

My Verdict

Overall I was very impressed with my first experience with Yves Richer products!  I found the cosmetics to be true to color and long lasting, and I especially like the fact that they are made with botanicals.  The bath products have quickly become part of my nightly relaxation ritual, and leave my skin feeling smooth and clean, while smelling wonderfully fragrant.

My absolute favorite part of the entire line?  The amazingly affordable prices!  I truly believe these products are a steal at the advertised prices, and highly recommend Yves Rocher for anyone looking for a high quality line of cosmetics and bath products!

Where Can I Find These Products?

Yves Rocher has a long history of using the science of botanicals to enhance beauty.  They make a fantastic line of products including cosmetics, bath and shower, hair care, body care, skin care, fragrances and more.

Their products are top of the line and very affordable.  They can be purchased directly through the Yves Rocher website, with prices starting as low as $3!

The Winter Collection will be available until April.  You can also find many helpful tips and advice, plus sales, promotions and great deals on the site.

Also available staring this month will be their new Anti-Aging Line…stay tuned for my review!

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Mama to 4

Saturday 16th of February 2013

The bath soap and the candle sound very relaxing right now together!

JennifersWorldReviews henry

Friday 15th of February 2013

oh sounds nice i'd love to try


Wednesday 13th of February 2013

never heard of this brand but the red lipstick is gorgeous


Wednesday 13th of February 2013

I love the little single use bath salts. What a great idea!


Tuesday 12th of February 2013

Those are great prices for luxurious bath and beauty items! I would love to try the apple delight bath and shower gel!

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