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Is Your Car Shaking? This Could Be Why

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Is your car shaking as you drive down the road? There are several problems that can cause a vehicle to shake, and some are more serious than others. Below are four of the most common causes for why your car is shaking.

is your car shaking this could be why main

1. An Issue with Your Tires

If you notice that your car only shakes badly when you’re driving at high speeds, then one of the most likely causes is an issue with the tires. The most common issue is a wheel out of balance. This basically means that one section of a tire is heavier than the rest, and luckily it’s an easy, and fast, fix. In this case, the mechanic will simply rebalance the tire.

In addition, tires that are wearing unevenly can also cause shaking. If this is the case, it’s most likely time for wheel rotation and alignment.

Another cause could be a damaged tire. If this is the case, then you will most likely need a new tire.

2. Bent Axle

Another issue that can cause a vehicle to shake is if the front axle is slightly bent. This can cause a surprisingly intense shaking feeling – especially at highway speeds. A bent axle can be the result of an accident. Even a minor accident like hitting a pothole or a low curb can cause this type of damage. If this is the case, the axle will either need to be fixed (if possible) or replaced.

3. Wheels Problems

If your car has a lot of mileage on it, the culprit could also be a wobbly wheel. This is usually caused by a worn-out part such as a tie rod end, wheel bearings, or ball joints. In this case, a replacement part would need to be ordered.

4. Braking System Problems

If you notice that your car only shakes while braking, then it is likely you have an issue with the front disc braking system. Your vehicle’s brake system is made up of several parts, some of which need to be replaced every so often – namely the pads and rotors. The rotor is a round metal disc that attaches to the wheel. It can become warped over time from heavy wear and tear and can cause you to feel shaking or vibration when braking.

In addition, the brake pads can also cause shaking or vibrating sensation. The brake pads are what press against the rotor to help slow the car down. With repeated use, these pads wear down over time. If they become too thin, it can cause your car to vibrate.

On average, your brakes should be serviced and certain parts replaced about every 50,000 miles or so, although this varies from make to make. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a more accurate timeline for replacement.

Final Thoughts on Causes of Car Shaking

While feeling your car shake can be scary, there are lots of common issues that can cause this. To find out, take your car to a certified and trustworthy mechanic to find out the exact cause. Not sure where to find one? Ask friends and family members who they use. You could also take your car back to where you bought it. Many dealerships offer full-service and maintenance. And always remember, the best way to avoid issues such as your car shaking, is by performing regular maintenance on your vehicle.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.