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Keeping Your Voice Healthy – The Benefits of Investing in Your Voice

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Your voice is the most personal musical instrument you can ever learn to use well. The timbre and tone of your voice communicate much more than just the words you say. Emotion and meaning and the significance of what you’re saying can be communicated by the way you use your voice. And those are just a few reasons it’s so important to keep your voice healthy.

Are You Tone Deaf?

Of course, one way we communicate so meaningfully with our voices is through singing. Singing can be an enjoyable way to celebrate the uniqueness and quality of your voice. But how many times have you heard someone claim that they are “tone deaf” and don’t want to sing in front of anyone? Perhaps you’ve even claimed that about yourself!

woman singing while playing guitar

It’s important to know that less than two percent of the population are actually tone deaf (that is, actually have a problem hearing the pitches they sing to such an extent that they can’t control them enough to sing well). So odds are, you are not tone deaf but just need some training to sing well.

Singing Lessons

Finding and taking singing lessons online from a company like Forbes Music Company can be a great way to get started, or finding an instructor in your area might be the right option for you.

Singing lessons aren’t just about singing on pitch and with charisma. Breathing is a big part of learning to sing well. Breath is like a supportive cloud on which your voice travels outward, so without breathing properly when singing or speaking, you can strain your voice.

Posture is also a big part of vocal lessons, because good posture reduces the amount of “vocal tension” that can inhibit your voice. Vocal tension is any tension in your body while you are singing, from craning your neck to tensing your muscles, and it keeps you from singing as freely as possible. 

Other Reasons for Vocal Lessons

Vocal lessons aren’t just for singing but can also be geared toward learning to speak well. Some vocal instructors specialize in helping people in business learn how to use their voice better and deliver their messages more winsomely. If you’re in a position in which you need to address groups of people on a regular basis, getting a good book on using your speaking voice well or taking a few lessons from a knowledgeable instructor could greatly benefit your delivery. 

Taking Care of Your Voice

Taking care of your voice is important. Too much screaming at a concert can be problematic for your voice the following day. Sickness can cause weakness in your voice that should be handled with care. Whispering, believe it or not, is also detrimental to your voice and can tire it out quickly. And trying to sing too high without using proper technique can damage your voice.

Some professional singers, after years of improper technique, develop nodules on their vocal cords that require surgery to fix, and their voices are never quite the same afterward. Thankfully, proper vocal technique can be applied to even the least traditional styles of music to help keep your voice healthy. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.