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Labor Day Road Trip Check List

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Making Sure Your Car is Road Trip Ready This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to the long, hot summer. Soon school will back in session, and the days will grow shorter and cooler. Before then there is still time to hit the road for one last trip this upcoming Labor Day Weekend! Before you hit the road, check out this Road Trip Check List to make sure you car is Labor Day Weekend Road Trip Ready!

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  1. If your car is not up to date on its oil change, lube and filter, now is the time. Make sure to schedule a service appointment before you leave.
  2. Check the condition of your car’s battery. This includes making sure it has enough juice for your road trip so you don’t get stranded, as well as looking for any corrosion or build up on the battery’s terminals. Also, make sure you have a set of jumper cables in the trunk at all times.
  3. How is the air in your tires? Is the tread okay? Check your tire pressure before you leave and fill them if needed. In addition, if the tires need to be rotated and aligned, do so before you leave.
  4. Check to see how your brakes are working. Listen for any squealing or shaking when you break. If you’re not sure, get them checked and replaced if needed.
  5. Be sure to check your engine coolant level, as well as the power steering fluid, transmission fluid and all others. The last thing you want is an overheating engine.
  6. Is the air conditioner working properly? Summer’s not over yet, and a long ride in a hot stuffy car can make for a miserable road trip!

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Image courtesy Oliver Symens via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.