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Magical Lands: Tips for Traveling to a Foreign Destination

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Although many U.S. citizens prefer to travel within the country, there are literally hundreds of other thrilling destinations in the world. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the list of exciting places seems limitless. Here are a few tips for traveling abroad.

Tips for Traveling to a Foreign Destination

Research the hotel
When traveling to a foreign country, most visitors will choose to stay in a modern hotel. However, the quality of a hotel can vary. Before officially booking a room, it is advisable to thoroughly research the available accommodations. There is a huge difference between a five-star hotel and a two-star hotel. While some foreign hotels only offer the basic necessities such as a shower and a bed, there are extravagant hotels in Paris that have world-class chefs on hand.

Get an updated guidebook
Guidebooks are worth their weight in gold. A good guidebook will outline the main landmarks and provide a bit of historical information. Not only do guidebooks help to educate the traveler, but they also help to eliminate culture shock. When the person finally arrives in the country, they will already be somewhat familiar with the surrounding area.

Check the money conversions
Prior to planning a foreign trip, be sure to look up the money conversion. Although most places accept credit cards, there are some areas that will only take local cash. Some of the places to use the foreign money include train stations, restaurants, souvenir stands, and clothing shops.

Safety first
While some foreign destinations are extremely safe, the necessary precautions still need to be taken. It is always advisable to get familiar with the local customs. A harmless hand gesture could be taken the wrong way. Before boarding a plane or ship, travelers should print multiple copies of their important documents. The critical items include the person’s passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. According to travel experts, visitors should also avoid wearing any expensive jewelry.

Register with the U.S. Embassy
The U.S. Embassy is a very valuable asset. If the person runs into any trouble during their stay, the U.S. Embassy will help to find a solution.

With over 170 countries in the world, travelers have the opportunity to tour plenty of exciting places. Nothing compares to the experience of visiting a new area.

Are you planning on traveling to a foreign destination? Where would you like to visit?

Image courtesy Adriano Aurelio Araujo via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.