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Making Moving House Painless

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Moving House: Tips to Help Make it a Little Less Painless

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It seems that everyone knows the saying about moving being one of the most stressful things that we can do, and it is absolutely true! It is an upheaval in every sense of the word. Your life is being turned upside down and it is not just for the day. It is for weeks if not months before. It is the days and weeks afterwards when you are surrounded by boxes and with a string of chores to do. So these are a few thoughts on how you can make moving house painless..

Lists, lists and lists.
Some people swear by them. It’s the only way to go. Pages of lists that itemize every single thing you have to do. The content will depend on whether you are moving from a rental or from a home you are selling. If you are buying your first home, you might not have that much stuff. Still make those lists up and get a clipboard. You are going to have to be proactive. Other people might call it bossy. But this is going to get done.

Call the moving guys
Unless you are desperate for punishment, argument and exhaustion you are not going to hire a van and do this yourself. Get in touch with a mover. The process is quite simple. They give you a quote. They give you all the boxes you need and they come and pick it all up and take it to your new home. How simple is that? No one got injured or fell over and so far no one fell out.

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Set your date
Get in touch will all your existing service providers. Tell them you’re moving out in advance. They will be able to either redirect your supply to your new address or arrange for a final reading and payment. That means, gas, electric, phone and internet. It also might mean water rates or council tax depending on where you live. You will also want to know that the same process is going to happen at the other end. You don’t want to pay for the next or the previous tenant’s power.

Pack your boxes
This takes longer than you think. Allow at least a week for you to decide what you are taking and what is going where. With the packing underway, you will more than likely be facing the clean of your life. Again, you could get professional help here, but as long as you are organised this might be one thing you can do once the boxes have left. Make sure you leave enough time if you are planning to clean carpets.

If you have pets, moving can be a very stressful time. It can be a good idea to have them looked after. They won’t know that you are intending to unpack it all in another home and that they will be expected to adjust. You don’t want to run the risk of having a stressed cat running away.

It sounds simple to say it, but all you have to do now is to leave the house and do it all in reverse at the other end! The drawback is you will probably be exhausted, but then you will be home and hopefully it will all seem worth it.

What are some of your tips for making moving house painless? Share with us below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.