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New Project: Collector’s Edition

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An ‘art’ collector (art meaning anything of value,) is a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby. There are many things to collect depending on what your preference is and what you have a passion for. Here are some of the most common collector’s items you can put into your own collector’s edition.

Image via Pixabay


Professional coin collectors will do about anything to get their hand on new pieces. They will travel around the world to meet buyers and sellers. What they do with the coin after is their choice, some people keep them it for themselves because they have fallen in love with it, others will keep it until they get an amazing offer for it, or they will just sell it straight away for a higher bid.


Ornaments can be absolutely anything, any form, any shape, any material and any size. They are made to look attractive or appealing, but usually having no practical purpose, especially a small object such as a figurine.

Ceramic sets

It takes real talent to make these and all the artwork (if genuine) is authentic and was painted and decorated by hand. No pressure right? They are such a delicate piece too! One bump will break it, but that is one of the reasons they are popular. They are a one of a kind, so the fact you have it and know that if it breaks, it’s the only one ever made; is quite exhilarating. You can buy them as conversational ceramic bowls, tea sets, and plates, and they come in a whole variety of sizes and colours.


Dolls are a small model of a human figure, typically one of a baby or girl, and were originally made as a children’s toy. If you go down the road of a doll collector, you are going to have to learn how to keep them pretty! For example, enhance face paint using colored pencils (it can be removed,) separate molded fingers with a razor blade, reset their hair piece by piece. You can even try your hand at making miniature gloves.

Image via Pixabay


Collecting books is a wonderful excuse to have your nose in books all day long! Not only can rare books sell for quite a bit, you get to be a part of history. You get to touch, read and even smell the books of our ancestors!


If you are a true art lover, then maybe collecting paintings would be your thing. Most people who buy art are not art collectors. They are just people who like to decorate their homes with nice things. But it doesn’t have to just look lovely on your walls; you could be holding onto it until it gets valuable. Another thing to do is collect artwork from new, emerging artists. Not only is this nice to do for the artist and looks good in your home, who knows maybe one day it might be worth something! Most serious artists who the real collectors chase do a major amount of work to get to where they are.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.