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Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Nothing beats the switch from alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic drinks, from bar hopping to having tea at home. 

These drinking options might not be the same as your favorite beer or soda brand.

But they do pack a lot of healthy benefits for your mind and body. Not only that, but you can find these products in local outlets and websites online. Check out these non-alcoholic drinks that are healthy for your mind and body!

this Shirley Temple makes for a great choice when wanting non-alcoholic drinks


Tea appears to be one of the best non-alcoholic drinks out there. It does not matter whether you serve it ice-cold or piping-hot, and tea boasts a number of health benefits for your body. For one thing, it has fewer calories per serving. 

Not only that, but tea can lower your blood pressure should it be a tad too high. That way, you can worry less about heart-related conditions, such as stroke or heart attack.

There are also studies that mention how tea can help you take control of your weight. However, it might depend on the tea recipe you are drinking. You might need to consume a lot of it to see possible physical changes. But that does not mean you have to drink dozens and dozens of cups each day. Only do so in moderation.

Sparkling Water

You do not have to be a beer connoisseur to know that sparkling water does not have alcoholic properties. Such a non-alcoholic drink is a great alternative should you want to skip those cold ones in the fridge. 

While a lot of sparkling water products do not have that much taste, these drinks still pack a number of health benefits you can enjoy. It has fewer calories than your average soda. Plus, the alternative can help you with better digestion. 

While sparkling water has some good aspects, having too much of it poses some risks as well. Better take it in moderation.

Non-Alcoholic Gin

Gin is one of the most popular drinks to ever exist, however, it also has alcohol as the main ingredient. Research shows manufacturers are switching to non-alcoholic gin products to keep up with the sober drinking race. They utilize botanical products to make these non-alcoholic alternatives while preserving the taste and experience. 

Like the other items on this list, non-alcoholic gin has several advantages you can get. A study shows that drinking non-alcoholic gin allows you to enjoy better sleep at night. As a result, you will feel better and refreshed once the sun drapes over your eyes. 

Non-alcoholic gin also allows you to reduce your overall weight. These non-alcoholic drinks contain less than ten per cent of calories per serving, and you can combo them with your diet. Then you will notice the drastic weight difference in no time!


We know the name sounds silly. But Kombucha is one of the best non-alcoholic drinking alternatives you can get your hands on overall!

The drink is not only a great source of antioxidants. It also boasts less sugar, with tea as its primary ingredient. 

More and more bars and outlets nowadays are including these non-alcoholic drinks in their menus for its rising popularity among sober-goers. 

Frozen Lemonade

Frozen lemonade is not only a neat non-alcoholic drink, and it also works best should you feel like having a sugar-heavy shake. The glass only requires natural ingredients, such as light refrigerated milk, a lemon or two, and some light-sugar syrup. Combine all of that and put it in the fridge. 

Frozen lemonade has less sugar content, reducing your risk of having diabetes. It works as a neat alternative to sugar-heavy drinks. 

decaf coffee beans spilling out of cup

Decaf Coffee

As the name suggests, decaf coffee contains less caffeine, unlike its traditional counterpart. The beans you need to make such a non-alcoholic drink have almost all their caffeine content removed.

Manufacturers utilize several ingredients and chemicals to reduce the caffeine content in the beans while retaining their flavour.

Decaf coffee can help improve your memory. 

The beans contain polyphenols. These can help boost your overall alertness and agility. In addition, decaf coffee lets you detoxify. It has a compound that helps cleanse the body from several unwanted things and foreign materials. 

The only downside to decaf coffee is that taking too much of it can harm your heart in the long run. Most decaf coffee recipes include the Robusta bean, which contains many more fatty acids than its traditional option. 


A mocktail is similar to your regular cocktail, and the main difference between the two is that mocktails contain less to no alcohol. Since these drinks contain very little to no alcohol, you can enjoy many advantages.

For one thing, a mocktail does not induce addiction, unlike regular alcoholic drinks. You can enjoy mocktails a lot since they contain no alcoholic compounds. 

In addition, a mocktail helps prevent diseases. Unlike beer and other drinks, these non-alcoholic drinks do not have carcinogens responsible for several health conditions. You can enjoy many more benefits should you combine your mocktail base with other healthy ingredients, such as sparkling mineral water, fruit juices, etc. 

Let’s Talk About Prices of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

It depends on what kind of drink you are having. But the neat thing with these non-alcoholic drinks is they do not cost piles and piles of money to obtain, and some beverages will only cost you less than twenty dollars. 

But other alternatives have a way higher price. These drinks contain other compounds and ingredients that add to their flavour and overall experience. Some drinks contain hard-to-obtain fruit juices and other things that make their price expensive but reasonable overall.

But you must be careful and check what those ingredients are before purchasing. You might not know it, but you might suddenly be drinking an alcoholic drink. There goes your sober journey.

Drink Away

These non-alcoholic drinks will be beneficial for your mind and body. Plus, they make you a part of the crowd at the bar. Not because you enjoy them means you have to out yourself from your beer-loving friends and family. More and more people are opting for non-alcoholic drinks to get away from all the hangovers and other unwanted things cold ones deliver. So go ahead and drink away!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.