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Operation ResCUTE and The Story of Jingles

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

A large part of the holiday season is about giving. Not just giving gifts, but giving of ourselves. Giving to help those who are less fortunate. And the best kinds of gifts are always the ones that give back.


Meet Jingles. She lives with her family in New York City. She spends her days loving and being loved. But it wasn’t always like this for Jingles, before she lived on the streets, scrounging for food and watching the beloved dogs in the park playing fetch with their families. But then, early one morning, after a night of feasting on leftovers in a trashcan, everything changed. Found and taken to a shelter by an Animal Control Officer, Jingles and Laurie Brown-Nagin’s lives intersected, and Jingles found her furever home.


If only all shelter animal’s stories could end so wonderfully. Did you know that based on findings from the 2014 0-2042 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, only 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters and rescue organizations? There is an estimated 2.7 million healthy pets that remain in shelters each year. This holiday season you can help make a difference by giving the gift that gives back, Operation ResCUTE and The Story of Jingles set.


Born out of Laurie Brown-Nagin’s desire to help educate children everywhere about dogs like Jingles, Operation ResCUTE is a collectible series of stories where each book tells the story of a homeless pet and how he or she became rescued. Each kit comes with the storybook, a plush toy of the pet featured and a sticker. And the best part is, 100% of the profits go towards shelters! It is Laurie’s hope that this program will help educate and encourage the next generation of young readers to think about adopting shelter dogs in need of a loving home.


The Story of Jingles is the first in the series. Told from the dog’s perspective, kids everywhere will fall in love with this puppy whose life began on the streets, and whose story teaches us all about compassion and love. 

“The Story of Jingles is based on a true story about a sweet, homeless puppy who started out on the streets of New York City. Her story shows the resilience and hopefulness that can make dreams come true! You and your child will enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations that Jingles encounters on her way to finding the meaning of true happiness.”


On the inside of the back cover is an official sticker badge with a picture of Jingles and the words, “I Am A ResCUTER!” that children can wear with pride that serves – along with the rest of the set – as their membership in the Operation ResCUTE club.


Also included in The Story of Jingles set is an adorable, super soft plush Jingles with big brown eyes and floppy ears just like the real Jingles!


Now here is the super cool part! Operation ResCUTE encourages children to nominate their own adopted pets to be featured in an upcoming book! You can enter by helping your child upload your pet’s photo and story to a special page on the Operation ResCUTE website! According to the founder of Operation ResCUTE, Laurie Brown-Nagin, the second book is due to come out at the beginning of the New Year. 

Operation ResCUTE and The Story of Jingles is a wonderful, positive way to educate your children on animal shelters, giving, compassion and more. It is also a great way to help spread the message of the thousands of perfectly healthy pets remaining in shelters, and to help those animals in need. And remember, all of the profits go right back into the shelters.

Visit the Operation ResCUTE website where you can learn more about Operation ResCUTE, see photos of the real Jingles, and even find out where you can adopt locally! The Story of Jingles (with 100% of Profits Going to Charity) can be purchased for $29.99 on! Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, and dog-lovers of all ages, Operation ResCUTE and The Story of Jingles would make a wonderful gift this holiday season!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.