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Outdoor Decor: 6 Ways to Add Pizzaz to Your Porch or Patio

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There’s just something to be said about being outdoors that makes us wish it could be summer all year long – basking in the sun, warm breezes, and, of course, enjoying those long evenings with friends. And a patio is the perfect place to enjoy those relaxing summer evenings. It’s even better when you can bring all the comfort of the inside outdoors to enjoy. However, if you rent, as we do, you may be limited in the changes you can make. So below are 6 ideas for outdoor decor that will add a bit of pizzaz to your Plain Jane porch, patio or deck – without having to make any expensive changes or upgrades!

outdoor decor before

1. Potted Plants Create An Oasis

The patio is the area of your home where you transition your indoor living space to the outdoors, and nothing says “outdoors” quite like an oasis of potted plants. Incorporating potted plants and flowers around the patio is an excellent way to add color and natural appeal. Use flowering plants of different colors and varying heights to add visual interest, and plant them in unique pots, urns and other containers.

outdoor decor add plants of varying heights and color

Include a few hanging plants and/or flowers that will “vine down” for some extra shade. Just be sure to place them around the perimeter of your porch, making sure they are high enough so no one runs into them. One suggestion: a citronella plant not only looks nice, but has the added benefit of acting as a mosquito repellant, too. 

outdoor decor add hanging plants

2. Add Color and Comfort with Cushions

There is nothing like a pop of color and bright patterns to change the entire look and feel of your patio! It’s easy to add that color with new cushions for your chairs. These chairs underwent an entire makeover by simply removing the old gray cushions and adding these cheerful Allodala Oasis Wrought Iron Seat Cushions by Patio Perfect from! If your patio set is old and tired, make it look new again with spray paint. Plus, you can also buy used patio furniture on the cheap at thrift shops and garage sales! 

outdoor decor replace old chair cushions with new from overstock

3. Light Up the Night

Brighten your outdoor space and add ambience with candles and other outdoor lighting. Candlelight provides a soft shimmering glow that can be both romantic and peaceful, while fluorescent and LED lighting is more suited for reading and entertaining. Place candles on tables, in containers, and in luminaries around your patio. Try tiki torches, paper lanterns, battery-powered lamps, or even string lights for a little more festive feel.

outdoor decor add lighting with candles and lamps

4. Don’t Forget the Rug

An outdoor rug is a great way to cover a not-so-pretty patio or floor, as well as liven up pavers, brick or wood flooring. Using a colorful and patterned rug not only adds more color, it also adds a focal point and can bring your whole look together; especially if you choose one that complements your new cushions and pillows. Keep in mind that many outdoor rugs today are made with eco-friendly materials that are waterproof and withstand fading and falling apart. 

outdoor decor add a bright colorful rug1

5. Additional Accessories

Small accessories and other knick knacks can add even more to your outdoor room. Place colorful, patterned coasters on tables for drinks and added decor. Birdhouses and hummingbird feeders can bring birdsong and wildlife. A small tabletop fountain or even a corner fountain adds even more ambience with the sound of gurgling water. Want music? Add a small wireless speaking to stream your favorite tunes. Want to enjoy your patio during the cooler months too? Add a small fire pit for warmth, light and even more ambiance. You’ll be amazed at how the small things can make all the difference! Tip: you can find all of this at great prices on!

outdoor decor with overstock finished look

With creativity, time and a little bit of imagination, you can quickly and easily transform your patio, porch or deck into an outdoor oasis you can enjoy all year round!

Do you have some more ideas for adding pizzaz to your patio? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Cindy Keller @ MyGardenGifts

Monday 27th of February 2017

Hi Alaina, Stumbled on your blog as I was trying to find ways to do up our patio. Thanks for the lovely ideas and tips on what one can do to boost up the look of the patio. I like to also add some screening with the plants and we thought adding trees may help create some privacy. Adding a mat and rug also adds color so I will be sure to explore that idea as well.

Alaina Bullock

Monday 6th of March 2017

Hi Cindy! You're welcome! Love your idea about screening with plants!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.