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Perfect Perception: How To Take Care Of Your Five Senses

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How to Take Care of Your Five Senses – Staying Healthy

The five senses that are traditionally recognized in humans are sight, sense, sound, touch, and taste. If you sit down and think about it for a while, it’s pretty amazing what our bodies can do. But more often than not e take these super senses for granted and assume they’ll be with us for life. It’s only when our vision starts to go blurry, or we have to ask people to repeat something they have said, that worries start to set in. Inevitably, as we age, our some of our senses diminish slightly. But putting a plan in place to look after god’s gifts now can certainly help halt any deterioration. Below is a breakdown of the five senses and what you can do to maintain their health.

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The medical term for our sight is ophthalmoception. Sight gives us the ability to detect images through the retina in each of our eyes. Losing this sense can be extremely scary. Maintain good eye health by visiting your optometrist once a year. If you wear contact lenses that are daily, never sleep in them. Sleeping in contacts stops oxygen getting to your eyes. It can also cause bacterial infections that can become very serious and result in vision loss. Antioxidants can help eye health, so make sure to include green leafy vegetables in your diet, as well as oily fish, eggs, and brightly colored fruit. Maintain regular physical exercise even in older age. High blood pressure, diabetes and narrowing arteries can all lead to vision loss. So stay healthy!  


The medical term for our hearing is known as audioception. It is a mechanical sense that works with the notion of vibrations. You can follow this click to find out more about these hearing loss facts and myths. To maintain good ear health always avoid using Q-tips to clean your ears. And don’t listen to music or loud noises at over 80 decibels. Research has shown that listening to high volume noise for longer than five hours a week can cause permanent hearing loss. If you use headphones, avoid ear plugs and go with large headphones instead. But still always keep the volume at 60% or less of the highest option available. You can take a hearing check test online here if you have concerns.

Taste And Smell

The medical term for taste is called gustation and smell is known as olfaction. Our sense of smell is vital for protecting us against dangers such as smoke, fire, gas and bad food. To protect this sense always get your sinuses checked for any infections. Avoid smoking as this can drastically change your sense of odors. And if you are on medications and notice a change in your sense of smell, let your doctor know as they may be able to alter your meds. Taste can be affected by a lack of vitamin B-1 and zinc, so always make sure you have enough of these nutrients in your diet.  And also keep hydrated with water, as dehydration can affect your sense of taste.


Touch is known as somatosensory in the medical field. It works by using neural receptors found in hair follicles, the throat, and the tongue. If you lose your sense of touch, it is known as tactile anesthesia. This can be very distressing as we use touch for everything from kissing to typing and hugging to protecting ourselves from the heat and cold. Keep the nerve fibers in your body healthy by avoiding smoking, eating healthily and stocking up on B-12 rich foods. If you are allowed to, take aspirin to dilate blood cells and help improve your circulation. Always check with a medical professional before changing medication. And always wear gloves and warm socks if you are going out in cold weather.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.