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Pomskies And Picking the Best Dog Breed for You

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A puppy is a welcome addition to many homes and delight both children and adults alike. Pets can greatly improve your quality of life, and any pet owner will tell you it’s like adding a member to your family. When it comes to puppies there’s no shortage of adorable dog breeds across various categories such as working, sporting, companion, and others. However, it is important to pick dogs that suit your lifestyle, and Pomskies may just be the perfect pups for you.

Pomskies And Picking the Best Dog Breed for You


Breeders have been cross-breeding dogs for centuries creating new and innovative mixes that combine the best traits of two different breeds. This has resulted in the various breeds we see today, and led to breeds that can adapt to virtually every different lifestyle. One of the newer breeds currently being created is the Pomsky. Part Pomeranian and part Siberian Husky, Pomskies are a mix of two very different types of dogs. This diverse background results in pomsky puppies that are described by their breeders as cute, attention seeking, playful, vocal, well suited for a variety of environments, smart, and with a touch of the trademark husky stubbornness. More in-depth profiles of pomskies can be read here and here.

Pomskies are well suited for apartment living, however, they can also be vocal and they require a steady hand as they can be stubborn. While they are certainly good dogs and great family pets, like with all pets it is important to be aware of their personality quirks.

Six Tips To Help Pick A Dog Breed

Many potential dog owners don’t do proper research before adopting a puppy, and this creates an unhappy situation for dog and owner alike. So always ask yourself the following questions before adopting a puppy of any breed.

  1. How Much Room Do You Have: while some dogs are suitable for apartment living, others need lots of outdoor room and cannot tolerate small spaces. Always consider your living arrangement and how well-suited it is for type dog you’re considering.
  2. Neighbors: related to apartment living is the neighbor question. More vocal dogs can generate noise complaints in apartment buildings or other living arrangements where neighbors are in close proximity to each other. This is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pup.
  3. Shedding: as expected, breeds with thicker, fuller coats shed more and require more grooming than do dogs with thinner fur. Consider how much work you are willing to put into grooming.
  4. Are You An Outdoors Type: many dogs love strenuous activity and enjoy going on runs, hikes, and camping. While all dogs need walks, some are more homebody types and have lower energy levels than others. Therefore it’s important to pick a dog breed that matches your energy and activity level. For example, if you’re an athletic person consider an athletic dog.
  5. Training: maybe you are looking for a dog you can train to do specific tricks, or perhaps you simply want a companion animal that listens to commands. Every dog is different but some breeds are more trainable than others. Some breeds readily and easily learn tricks, while others can be more stubborn about listening although still quite capable. There are also some breeds that can learn tricks easily, but are not overly enthusiastic about it. Keep this in mind before adopting.
  6. The Age Of Your Children: if you have children consider their age before getting a dog. Some breeds are more suitable for younger children than others, while many fit better with older kids. This not only depends the dog’s temperament but your children’s’ temperament as well.

Pomskies And Picking the Best Dog Breed for You 6 tips

Final Thoughts

Adopting a puppy can be a defining event in the lives of many families. If you had pets growing up you certainly remember them fondly and treasure the impact they had on your childhood. That is why careful consideration is required before getting a puppy. It’s more than just getting a pet – it’s adding to your family and by getting a breed that fits your lifestyle to ensure a happy relationship for many years.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.