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Precious Personalized Presents at Posy Lane

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Stephen Joseph Duffle Bag

Great gifts are easy to find at Posy Lane, one of the top sites for personalized gifts for kids and adults too.  I was able to give my niece a precious Posy Lane present for her very first birthday when they sent me this cute Stephen Joseph Owl Duffle Bag.


A’s nursery theme is based around owls, so when I saw this on the Posy Lane site, I knew it would be perfect!  What better gift than one that has multiple uses as she grows!  And when she saw the bright pink color, with the cute polka-dotted owl, her face lit up with a beautific smile!


When her mommy first saw the duffle bag, she voiced the hope that she could use it as a diaper bag.  Since the inside is lined with a waterproof material and has a zippered pocket as well, I believe this will work out perfectly!  And as A gets older, it can be used to carry extra clothes and her nap mat to preschool, then her school needs for kindergarten, and even as an overnight bag!


Made from 100% cotton, it is extremely soft, and is machine washable.  It is very well made, and seems to be quite durable.  It measures approximately 15” long by 9” wide, making it the perfect size for all kinds of items to fit inside.   In fact, I was able to fit a special book and a large interactive toy inside as extra surprises for A with room left over!

posylane 011   

The PosyLane site is very user friendly, and lets you personalize your gift to make it uniquely yours.  Once I had chosen the duffle bag, I then was able to select the embroidery or monogram including the thread color and the type of font.  Once my order was placed, it took very little time to arrive.

posylane 002

Posy Lane also has an entire line of products that match the Stephen Joseph duffle bag including a water bottle, lunch box, a nap mat and more!  I cannot wait until Christmas so I can add a few more pieces!

posylane 003

Yet that is not all Posy Lane carries!  They offer a huge variety of products in all types of colors and patterns including children’s plates, Day Planners, I-Pod cases, kitchen ware, bath towel wraps, laundry bags and many more items that you can have personalized to your exact taste!

Simply visit the Posy Lane website at  And to keep up with all the latest products, deals and promotions be sure to follow Posy Lane on both Facebook and Twitter!

I received this item for free for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.   

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Tamara @ Mommyland

Wednesday 27th of March 2013

How cute. I love it.

Coolmoms Cooltips

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

Love the bagLooks like it can take my harsh trwatment

Sarah-Louise Bailey

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

What a gorgeous bag - I quite fancy one for myself I have to admit :) x

Danielle @ We Have It All

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

First of all, I love owl themes, they are so cute... and second of all, that is an adorable bag! That's so perfect for when we go out of town over the weekends, which we've been doing a lot of. I've been sticking my two little one's stuff in our bag, which is getting difficult. Thanks for the info!

Amanda T

Tuesday 26th of March 2013

That is so cute! I love the little owl design.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.