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Puppy Pandemonium – How To Live With Super Energetic Dogs

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All dogs have needs. They all need to spend a certain amount of energy, of course, depending on different breeds. But there are some that need to spend a lot more energy that others. If you have yourself something like a Miniature Dachshund or a Springer Spaniel, then you’re soon finding out that super energetic dogs can really live up to the fluffy ball of energy comparisons. But you don’t have to always play catch-up with them. Learn how to harness that energy.

Obedience comes first, always

We’ll tackle how to get them to use their energy properly. First, however, you have to be able to get control of your dog at a command. Training them properly is essential. But it’s not just about commands, either. It’s about training yourself and having them learn from example. For instance, energetic dogs are good at demanding attention all the time. If you give in all the time, however, they learn that those demands will always work. When you can’t give your dog the time it wants, you have to be resolute and learn to ignore them. No eye contact, no touching.

Expending that energy is important

That doesn’t mean you can ignore them when they genuinely need to spend some of that pent-up energy. First of all, dogs like to use their teeth to try and bite into and rip up stuff. If you don’t want that happening to your furniture, you need to get them toys but toys that can actually handle the stress. Can indestructible dog toys really be so tough and durable? If you’re willing to buy them based on those qualities rather than aesthetic of cheapness, then yes. Learning how much your specific breed of dog needs walked is also essential. Without the kind of walkies they need, dogs spend their energy more destructively. Mostly by biting up all your furniture.

Give them something to do

Dogs are smart animals. They have a sense of purpose and failing to fulfill that for certain breeds can make them a lot moodier and a lot harder to control. Finding stimulating jobs for your dog is all about figuring out their personality. Challenge their mind by teaching them a new trick. Have them spend time with a toy that releases little treats based on certain behaviors. Play Frisbee with them.

Your fluffy mirror

They say dogs look like their owners, but it’s not all aesthetic. Dogs act like their owners, too. It’s like they almost read your mind when they sense your emotion. If you are calm and kindly affectionate, dogs learn that. If you’re angry and high tension, dogs learn that, too. The same goes for you if you’re manic and always energetic. Don’t start behaviors in your dog that you cannot handle. This is especially pertinent with greetings and departures. Some owners make a big deal out of saying goodbye and hello to a dog. This gives the dog a high when they first see you, but it also makes it a lot harder for them to bear time without you, leading to separation anxiety. Energetic dogs with separation anxiety make for a lot of property damage.

A dog that gets to spend its energy properly while also being obedient to its owner is a happy dog. Don’t feel like you’re curbing its instincts. If anything, hyperactive dogs are acting against their instincts because they don’t use their energy properly.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.