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RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review ~ Charges Your Smart Phone, Tablet and More

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Spring is almost here, and while everyone is looking forward to sunny days and warm temperatures, for many, especially down here in the South, it can be a time of extreme weather with severe thunderstorms and often tornadoes. Along with these storms come power outages, and without power you cannot charge your cell phone which for many is the only type phone they have. So this seemed like the perfect time to share with you the innovative RAVPower external battery I received for review.

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review1

RAVPower specializes in high quality external batteries that allow users to charge their smartphones/tablets on the go. The power bank I received is the RAVPower Luster Series 6000mAh External Battery Charger (Model RP-PB17). This small, but powerful external battery pack can easily charge your smartphone or extend the use of your tablet for hours. It has enough power to enable you to run an iPhone 5*  for 15 hours, as well as 40 hours extra talk and an additional 150 hours extra of music for most other mobile phones! It’s 2.1A output makes for much faster charging as well. *Note that this battery pack is compatible with iPhones and iPads, however, you will have to use the adapter that came with your iPhone/iPad due to Apple’s unique design.

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review6 Front View

It uses a top-of-the line Samsung 18650 power cell which is the same style of battery used in many portable computer battery packs, and will provide years of recharging capability. Like many of RAVPower’s products, the Luster Series 6000mAh has a security protection design for short-circuit and over-current protection. So if a short-circuit or overload occurs while the unit is charging, the battery pack will automatically shutdown.

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review3 Top View

At only 3.9″ long, 1.6″ wide, 0.8″ thick, and 4.3 ounces, the power bank’s compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying with you in your purse, book bag, briefcase or car. It has a USB and a USB mini port, as well as an LED flashlight. To turn on the flashlight you simply hold the power button down for about three to four seconds and it will come on. If fully charged, the flashlight can remain lit for 250 hours!

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review2 Flashlight

Four small, blue LED lights on the front of the power bank indicate the current battery status so you will always know how much power remains. While this is a great feature, I find it a bit hard to see the lights unless you hold it at a certain angle because they are under the silver coated plastic. Operating the power bank is easy, just connect your device, press the power bank’s “On” button one time to start the charging, and take note that your electronic device indicates that it is charging. Once disconnected, the power bank will automatically power down after five seconds in order to conserve the battery’s energy.

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank Review5 Charging Phone

I decided to test the power bank with my iPhone 5S. I started charging it with only 17% of the battery charge on my phone remaining, and the power bank was at a full charge. In just one hour and 23 minutes, my iPhone was fully charged, and all four LED indicators were still remaining on the battery pack. That is pretty darn good for an external battery pack! After that, I was able to fully charge my phone 1.5 more times before the power bank got down to one remaining LED light on which signifies 25% remaining.

Each RAVPower Luster Series 6000mAh Power Bank comes with one USB Charging Cable, a mesh bag for storage, detailed instructions, as well as a 1 Year Warranty and Money back guarantee (within 30 days of purchase). It is compatible with almost all cell phones and tablets including iPhones and iPads (although you will need your own Apple adapter), as well as many cameras and eReaders. It comes in four popular colors, and the best part is it’s incredibly affordable at less than $30! You can order your RAVPower external battery through the website, which will take you to their Amazon store, or directly through (aff. link).

RAVPower makes several other power banks, some of which even come with a variety of connectors for different products. To see their full product line, visit their website at You can order all of their products directly through the site, as well as learn even more about the Luster Series 6000mAh Power Bank! Be sure to connect with them on both Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the latest products, promotions and more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.