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Risks At Work: Everything You Need To Know

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It can be easy to take your workspace for granted and just assume that you are safe. However, not even quiet offices are totally free from risks. There are a myriad of risks that you will have to negotiate at work, no matter where you are. Of course, some places of work might be more dangerous than others. To help keep you safe, here are some of the most common risks and what you need to know about them.

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Whether you work in a garage or an office, you need to make sure your place of work is protected against fires. There should also be a fire escape route that all employees are aware of. Your employer should hold fire drills every few months. This allows you all to practice for a fire, and it ensures that everyone in the company knows how to act in the event of a fire. If you feel that your workspace is at risk of a fire, speak to your boss about your concerns.


Some workers who work in the construction industry will be at risk of asbestosis. This is caused by inhaling the material asbestos. Up until a few decades ago, asbestos was used in all building and construction work. This is because it was cheap and extremely fire retardant. However, it was then realized that the material was extremely toxic to humans and can cause lung diseases. We no longer build with it, but it is still present in some old buildings. If you are working in a building that has been made from it, you should wear the correct breathing apparatus. If you feel you have been affected by asbestos, speak to your doctor.

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Loud Noise

Those who work on building sites or in nightclubs are regularly exposed to high levels of noise. This can seriously damage your ears and hearing.  You need to wear the correct hearing protection to minimize the amount of noise that enters your ears. If you are not given the correct equipment by your employer, you might end up with a hearing issue. If this happens, you might be eligible for compensation from the company you work for. Speak to a Solicitors For Deafness and Tinnitus to discuss your case and see if you have any grounds to stand on.


Accidents can happen wherever you are, even if you just sit at your computer in an office all day. Make sure your workplace is free from any hazards and risks. Clear away any equipment that you might easily trip over. You should also take care in an office kitchen as well. This area needs to be kept clean, so no one slips over or puts themselves at risk.


The workplace should be cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty offices are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Germs can spread around an office like wildfire, hiding on the most unexpected surfaces, and causing various levels of illness. Not to mention the bugs…Find a professional cleaning service such as Ideal Cleaning Services to ensure the job is done properly and on a regular basis. 

If you are careful while at work, you will have nothing to worry about. The most important thing to remember is that you should wear protective clothing and gear if it is available to you. If you can’t find any, request some from your employer.

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