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Should You Hire a Comedian for Your Event?

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Putting together an event for anything is like building a puzzle. The first thing you have to do is find all of the pieces before you can even put them together. One of the biggest pieces in the puzzle of event planning is entertainment. 

No matter the size of your event, there needs to be some entertainment so your guests aren’t bored. A great way to entertain your guests is stand-up comedy. Below is a list of things to consider before you hire a comedian for your event.

Where is the Location?

microphone on a stage should you hire a comedian

The very first thing that you need to consider when hiring a comedian is the venue. Is it going to be inside or outside? What are the acoustics like? Where is the audience going to be? These things may not seem like important details, but when you hire any entertainment, especially stand-up comedians, these things are the first thing you should tell them.

Letting a comedian know the space they will be performing in will allow them to become more comfortable before they even arrive on set. Stand-up comedy is all about feel, so if your comedian doesn’t feel comfortable on stage, their performance will likely be below par. 

What is the Event? 

You have to consider your audience when choosing to hire a stand-up comedian. For example, if you are hosting a huge bachelor party with many people, then a stand-up comedian might be perfect. But, if you are finding entertainment for ballroom dance, maybe hiring a funny guy isn’t the best option. 

When you are thinking about what the event is, you also have to think about the people that will be there concerning the comedian. If the comedian you are thinking about hiring does many jokes about feminism, make sure that your audience is ok with these types of jokes. The last thing you want is for your audience to be offended or even hurt by someone else. 

How Many People Are Going to Be There? 

Many stand-up comedians like to personalize their sets, so if you have a small to medium-sized group of people, they might be able to incorporate personal jokes with the audience. However, if you have a large group of people, it is more difficult to personalize the set because many people won’t understand the jokes. 

Once you figure out how big of a group you have, you should tell the possible candidates so they can prepare their sets. Some comedians, especially local ones, might not be comfortable doing a very large audience because they are used to performing at local comedy clubs. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.