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Clutter-Free Gift Ideas to Consider This Holiday Season

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Giving a gift is a generous act. However, it can also be something that leads to clutter around the recipient’s home. And when the average home has almost 300,000 things in it, you don’t want to take up what limited space they have. If you want to give a clutter-free gift this year, there are many fabulous options to choose from and they can all be customized to the recipient’s personality. Here are some clutter-free gifts to consider this holiday season.

A Subscription Service

There are subscription services for just about everything these days. While some of these can also lead to more clutter, there are digital and consumable versions that don’t. Consider buying the person a year’s subscription to a tea delivery service. Or maybe they are one of the many who enjoy audiobooks. Sales on audiobooks went up 16% in the United States, reaching over $1.2 billion in revenue. So there is a very strong market for them. Look into an audiobook subscription to provide them with something they already enjoy.

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A Road Trip

Taking someone on a trip to somewhere new is a great way to show you care without increasing the clutter in their home. It can be an elaborate vacation or it could be a day out together. They’ll have the memories of that experience to keep forever and they won’t need to worry about storing anything in their home.

A Class

Buying someone an interesting class can also be a great clutter-free present. This might be a one-night cooking class in a restaurant they like. Or it might be an ongoing, online course based on an exciting topic. If you know what your recipient enjoys and how they do in classes, this is a unique gift that will provide new knowledge and a fun experience without the mess./


While food temporarily takes up space, it will not be in the home for long. Buying food is a simple, thoughtful gift you can easily do. It might be as simple as a plate of cookies. Or you might buy them a gourmet meal that they wouldn’t otherwise get. A food gift can come in so many different ways and there is something to fit every taste and budget. So if you’re at a loss about what to get someone, consider bringing some food.

A Gift Card

Gift cards are sometimes seen as a thoughtless present. However, many people love to receive gift cards. It allows them to purchase exactly what they want, even if they don’t know what that thing is yet. Consider buying a gift card to cover something that the person wouldn’t put cash toward for themselves. There were $394 billion in sales of home improvement in 2018. If the person wants to change something in their home but doesn’t feel comfortable spending the money, a gift card could give them the opportunity to do it.

A Heartfelt Letter

Sometimes a kind word can be the best gift. Write your recipient a very sincere letter, letting them know how much you care about them. If you don’t have much money and don’t want to clutter their home, this is a great way to show that you care. Take your time and make sure that the final product is neat and beautiful. They’ll know you spent a lot of effort on this letter and your sincere words will warm their heart.

The clutter from gifts can get overwhelming when it begins to fill up your home. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a person and want it to be clutter-free, consider these options. They can all be customized to become the perfect present.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.