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Should You Take Your Car to the Dealership for Service?

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Growing up my father always took his car to the dealer for general maintenance and repairs. Once my friends and I reached the age where we had our own cars, I began to hear different. I was told all sorts of reasons not to take it to the dealership ranging from it being more costly to being told that other things are wrong with the car in order to charge you more. In most cases, none of this holds true. Below are several reasons why it is best to take your car to the dealership for service rather than going elsewhere.

Is It Best To Take Your Car to the Dealership for Service

1) It’s Really Not More Expensive 

I know you’ve heard the complaint that dealership services are more expensive than other places. Well guess what? That isn’t always true. When using the dealership, your car will be serviced and provided with the best products that are necessary for that particular model. This will give you a cleaner and smoother ride, and protect the vehicle from future damage. While some items may cost more than your general items, that’s simply because it’s what your car needs to run most effectively. In addition, if your vehicle is still under warranty, the work will be done for free! Can’t get that from an independent shop.
2) Familiarity 

One of the best reasons to have your car serviced at the dealership is familiarity. The service professionals at your dealership are hired and trained to have a special understanding of your car’s specific brand. For that reason, they will know the finer details of your car model, which in turn allows them to be more familiar with your car, and to take care of its proper needs.

3) OEM Parts
One of the best ways to keep your car running new is by using genuine OEM parts. The mechanics/techs at your dealership will use original parts that came with the car from the factory which will help keep it running like new. In addition, the parts are also backed by warranties which will help ensure your car’s warranty is preserved.
4) Quality Guarantee
Having your car serviced at the dealer means the workmanship is guaranteed. And, like I mentioned above, if your vehicle is still under the original warranty, the dealer will do the work for free. If it isn’t, they can back up their repairs with a warranty that is good nationwide. You won’t get that kind of assurance from an independent mechanic. 
5) Service Specials and Deals
Many dealerships offer competitive rates on their services anyways, but they also run lots of money-savings coupons, deals and rebates  – like these at Pearson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM – throughout the year. You can save money on everything from a basic oil change to your 60000 mile service. To find out if your dealership is offering any sales, coupons or rebates, visit their website or call the service department. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.