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Why Outdoor Ping Pong Is a Fun Kid Activity – Give It A Try!

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I believe that spending time outdoors can put a smile on your face, make you happier all around, and make your entire day better. Even something such as hiking half an hour improves my mood instantly, let alone playing a sport like basketball (which I’m not best at, but love playing), jogging, and more recently, playing outdoor ping pong.

outdoor ping pong playing image via Flickr


I never thought that outdoor ping pong, aka table tennis, would become a thing I’d ever be interested in doing. But once my husband brought a table home and started inviting his friends over for a game, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I learned after playing my first game was that I wasn’t prepared for so much activity! Constantly jumping back and forth, moving my arms, being so focused on that little white ball, it drove me crazy – but in a good way.

And now? I love outdoor ping pong – no lie! It’s the sport I thought I’d never play, but here I am looking forward for my next game.

One of the best things about table tennis is that it doesn’t require a special age, skills or even previous experience. It is what it is and that is why I love it. Here a list of some outdoor ping pong tables I recommend

When comes to kids playing table tennis, I believe it’s one of the best and most fun activities for them.

Why Your Kids Will Love Outdoor Ping Pong

  • It’s fun – Look, I know that today’s kids aren’t easily impressed especially with all those gadgets they have before they even start talking and walking. You’d think that something as simple as outdoor ping pong wouldn’t keep their interest for longer than ten minutes, right? Well guess what: it does! Ping pong is actually a thrilling game, especially because of the challenge to keep the ball on the table. Plus, it’s in our kids’ natures to love winning. Us parents will love it because the more our kids try to do win, the more physically active they are (bonus: they aren’t even aware of it). Plus,  for at least for an hour or two, our kids won’t be staring at their phones, but instead will be moving their muscles and breathing some fresh air. 🙂
  • It’s simple – Outdoor ping pong is not a complicated game. The rules and supplies are simple. You need a table and rackets, and two kids who love to play. Plus it’s easy enough that every kid can learn it and they will love it. Bonus: it’s a sport!
  • It encourages healthy competition – Some parents may not see this is as a good thing, but in my opinion it’s nice to see a kid who is often inactive and possibly even apathetic jumping left and right, running back and forth, and trying to keep the ball on the table and win. It’s healthy and even mentally stimulating to feel the thrill of this game and the want to win.
  • It’s a nice change – I know that smartphones, tablets and computers have tons of games (ping pong included) that kids feel offer far better entertainment and information, but it’s a good change to do something different.
  • It’s great for building reflexes – Playing ping pong can sharpen reflexes, and it makes you think on your toes  sp the ball won’t drop. I’ve been noticing it in my husband and stepson, and myself as well.
  • It doesn’t require money – Kids (and parents) don’t always have money to spend on fun things, but after the purchase of the equipment, having access to your own outdoor ping pong game is free!

If you’re having any doubts about getting an outdoor ping pong table, trust me, the moment you get it in your back yard, not only your children, but the entire family will become addicted!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.