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SmartSign – If You Can Think It, They Can Create It!

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SmartSign Custom Signs

My husband and I have finally bought our first house, and I’ve been having a great time working on turning in the house into our home by putting my special touches in each and every room. I’ve always been a sucker for inspirational sayings and cute quotes, and a few weeks back I came across a quote that I just had to have. I also wanted to find a unique way to display it. Something different from the usual picture, coffee mug or other piece of decor. And that’s when I heard about SmartSign custom signs.

SmartSign metal custom sign

SmartSign, the leading supplier of plastic and metal custom signs, has been creating signs for business and homes for over 15 years. You can choose from a huge selection of sizes, shapes and materials, and SmartSign can make pretty much whatever design you create. They are not only committed to making signs that ensure the protection, respect & safety of others, they also make it extremely easy to order the perfect sign.

SmartSign for My Home

I decided to go with one of SmartSign’s metal signs since I will eventually be putting it on a screened in porch. I found several different images of the quote in a Google search, and fell in love with one particular design that used different fonts and font sizes to make the quote stand out. After looking through the SmartSign website, I finally decided on a 24″ x 18″ rectangular sign with rounded corners, a white background, and bold black text.

After submitting my design, I didn’t have to wait long until my sign arrived at our home. I opened the packaging immediately, and was absolutely thrilled with the results! The sign turned out exactly as I had hoped. Printed on a thin, yet durable metal, the white background is clean and bright with just a hint of a shine. The lettering is crisp, clean and easy to read, and the deep black color contrasts perfectly with the background. It even has a hole pre-cut for easy hanging.


Right now I have it hanging in my craft room/office until we get our porch finished.  Every morning it is the first thing I notice when I sit at my desk to work, and it never fails to put a smile on my face! Although I originally planned to hang it on our porch once it is finished, I like it so much where it is now that I may just leave it there!

The SmartSign Blogger Challenge/Giveaway

Today I have got an awesome challenge and giveaway to share with my fellow bloggers! SmartSign is excited to announce a special blogger challenge, that will be running throughout July of 2017! Bloggers will have the chance to win their very own custom-designed sign plus a $500 Amazon voucher! I absolutely love my custom SmartSign, and I’m thrilled to be able to share this opportunity for you to win!

To enter for a chance of winning this incredible prize, all you have to do is write and share a quick blog post explaining what your custom sign would look like, and why. Be sure to include an image of your proposed sign design in your post. It can be a photo of a sketch, or something you’ve created using an online tool – it’s totally up to you. Feel free to be as creative as you like in your design, because if you can think of it, SmartSign can make it!

Need some ideas for inspiration?

  • What would you like your sign to say or display? Perhaps your blog logo? A warning sign for your neighborhood? Or even a favorite quote like the one I designed? 
  • What shape do you want your sign to be? What color? Do you prefer a particular material?
  • Also, consider where you would like the sign to be displayed. In your home office, your craft room? How about outside on your porch, or in a neighborhood building?

Rules for Entry

  1. Publish your competition entry before 26 July 2017.
  2. Your post must include the statement: “This post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign blogger challenge”
  3. Be sure to share your post on Twitter using the hashtag #MyCustomSign and tagging @tots100
  4. Have your post live, and make sure you’ve added a link to the Linky at the bottom of this post no later than 26 July 2017
  5. One winner selected by SmartSign at the end of the competition will win a $500 voucher and their custom sign. One runner-up will also win a custom sign design.

I can’t wait to see what sign you design! Good Luck!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.