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SoapSox – Make Bath Time Fun

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SoapSox Animal Bath Sponges

Some kids love taking a bath, while others, well let’s just say others can think of plenty they’d rather do. And for a few, bath time can actually be a nerve-wracking experience. Now bath time becomes fun with the adorable SoapSox bath scrubs!

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SoapSox Animal Sponges

SoapSox is a collection of soft, colorful characters that are both stuffed animal and washcloth. Kids can snuggle, cuddle, and play together all day, then when it’s time for their bath, they can bring their favorite friend with them! Choose from 12 adorable creatures including Taylor the Turtle, Scorch the Dragon, and Ava the Dolphin. 

soapsox dolphin and turtle

Each character has a soft terry cloth exterior and an antimicrobial sponge interior so they are soft enough to cuddle, yet very effective at cleaning. And, as if that isn’t cute enough, the soap (liquid or bar) is placed into the mouth of most SoapSox characters and rests in its belly, so kids can have the extra fun of ‘feeding’ their friends, too!

soapsox dolphin insert soap through mouth

Speaking of cleaning, to use it as a washcloth/sponge, simply insert a bar of soap (or liquid) into the specially designed pocket, wet the SoapSox with water, and work up a lather. Two handy little side pockets allow you to get a firm grip so it won’t slide out of your hand, and the soft material gently and thoroughly cleans delicate skin.

soapsox finger holes

When finished, squeeze as much water out of the SoapSox as you can, thread the included 10 inch cord through the small loop located on the top of the animal (near the neck or tail), tie the ends together, and hang it to dry. And when it’s time to clean your friend, just toss it in the washer on gentle, and tumble dry.

soapsox loop and thread

My three-year old niece loves playing in the tub, but she isn’t too fond of being bathed. That changed quickly as soon as we gave her two new SoapSox! She gets a kick out of taking her favorite stuffed animals in the tub with her so they can take a bath as well! She helps her mommy “feed” them the soap, then they get clean together. Now bath time has become much easier for Mom, and much more fun for my niece. I wish we had had something like this when I was growing up!

soapsox taylor the turtle

Your kids, too, will look forward to bath time every time! And here’s a fun idea: if stuffed animals are a must for your Easter basket, take it to the next level and add some SoapSox!

soapsox dolphin

Ideal for ages birth and up, SoapSox cost $14.95. You can purchase them singly or in pairs, or even special packages for the whole family! Check out all of the options and/or purchase them through the website, or at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom and Learning Express.

Buy Them Now on Amazon! (affiliate link)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.