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Sparkle and Dine Table Styling Kits – Feather Frenzy

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Feather Frenzy Table Styling Kit from Sparkle and Dine

I love looking through magazines at those beautifully decorated tables just waiting for the steaming hot food and laughter of friends and family. Unfortunately I was most definitely not blessed when it comes to the interior decorating department. No matter how hard I try, my tablescapes never come out looking anywhere close. So imagine how excited I was to discover Sparkle and Dine!

“Have you been dreaming of decorating your dining table for each season or occasion? Sparkle & Dine is here to deliver elements of style for your home! I have created themed fashions for your table to create an instant event or celebrate any occasion with department store quality merchandise you will be able to use over and over again. Whether you need a whole tablescape and menu plan or just need a centerpiece for your table, Sparkle & Dine is here for you!”


Created by former Los Angeles costume designer and entrepreneur Stacia Marlow, Sparkle and Dine offers curated styling kits inspired by the latest in fashion and entertainment – kits that include everything you need to have a beautifully set table for any occasion. Beautiful table runners, centerpieces, charger plates, cloth napkins, decorative accents, and more are all provided for your next hosting event, and delivered right to your home.

Choose from a variety of themed kits ranging from classic Kate Spade-inspired polka dots and stripes to a Missoni-inspired Christmas Chevron kit to the Snow Queen Winter Kit inspired by the movie Frozen…and that’s to name just a few! My personal favorite is the Feather Frenzy kit.


Feather Frenzy Table Styling Kit

This chic and beautiful kit was inspired by the 2014 feather fashions seen on the runways. Combining nature with fashion Feather Frenzy comes with a natural burlap table runner with fringed edges, dark copper chargers, white cloth napkins with jute trim, braided jute napkin rings, white place cards and several accessories including peacock and pheasant feathers, feather flowers with a hint of shimmering copper glitter, a 6″ birch vase, two green glass petite bouteille (bottles), natural bark pieces, a pheasant and ostrich feather pick, and a pair of mercury glass acorns and mercury glass votives. Ideal for Thanksgiving, Christmas or even for family dinners, this simple yet elegant kit will make your table the envy of the neighborhood. 


My Opinion of Sparkle and Dine

When the kit first arrived I could not wait to get started! Each item was individually and securely wrapped in order to avoid damage during shipping. As I opened each item, I was extremely pleased with the quality. The pieces are exactly like what you would find in a nice department store, ensuring that I will be able to use this setting over and over. At first I was worried I would not be able to make it look good, but using pictures from the website, and my own creativity, I was very pleased with the result! It took me maybe 15 minutes to have the entire table set and ready to go, and the only addition I made was to add some live greenery to the 6″ birch vase. 


Everyone who has seen the table has complimented me on it, and asked where I got the pieces and how I knew to make it all come together. As much as I wish I could take the credit, I love seeing their face when I explain all about Sparkle and Dine! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have a magazine and Pinterest worthy table styling!


Although most Sparkle and Dine kits comes with 4 to 6 place settings, you always have the option to purchase additional place settings as well as accessories. In addition, all kits are interchangeable and can be used for a variety of occasions from formal to casual. Visit Sparkle and Dine to see all of the beautiful table styling options they offer.

Whether for a holiday feast or a family meal, let Sparkle and Dine’s elegant table styling in a box help you take your table from boring to brilliant!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.