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The Retro Cookware Line from Neoflam

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“A Classic Design for the Modern Kitchen” Retro by Neoflam

Cooking is one of my favorite past times, and I’ll be the first to admit that half of the fun is using the tools and cookware I own. For years all I could afford were plain, boring cookware sets, but now that I am married, and more and more companies are bringing color and unique designs to their cookware, things are looking a lot brighter in the kitchen!

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neoflam retro cookware stockpot with food

Speaking of color and unique designs, Neoflam, an innovative and design centric housewares brand, has pretty much set the new standard of cookware with its seamless integration of unique, trend setting design and superior functionality. Their latest product line, The Retro, brings back the bright colors and shapes of the 50’s and 60’s. In fact, the line is so stylish, that it recently won the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Design award!

neoflam retro cookware stockpot and lid

But the color and shape aren’t the only things that make this line so, well, groovy. Made of cast aluminum, it heats up quickly, cooks evenly, and is lightweight and exceptionally easy to clean – especially when compared to stainless steel or cast iron. Now I know what you are thinking, because the same thought crossed my mind: Isn’t cooking with cast aluminum dangerous? No, it is not. Contrary to age-old beliefs, cast aluminum is extremely safe to cook with. According to the Neoflam site, the USDA has confirmed that aluminum cookware is safe for home use. Many studies have been conducted addressing the concerns that high levels of aluminum can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; there is no consensus on the issue. Regardless, with normal home use, it would be impossible for any aluminum to leach through the Ecolon coating and into the food.

neoflam retro cookware stockpot

Speaking of Ecolon Ceramic Coating, this unique coating provides superior nonstick performance without the use of harmful PFOA/PTFE. In addition, the Retro line also features a thicker wall and base, allowing it to retain heat longer, and protect foods from burning. The silicone coated handles are effective for a non-slip, soft grip. And a hidden steam hole beneath the pebble shaped knob prevents overflow. But the best part of all? Neoflam’s Retro line is actually very affordable! I can’t wait for mine to arrive – so be sure to check back for another delicious recipe made in Neoflam’s Retro cookware line! Visit their site to see the available sizes, shapes, colors and options, and while you are there, be sure to check out all of Neoflam’s innovative and stylish product lines! 

neoflam retro cookware 10 inch wok


What is your favorite piece from the Retro line?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.